Woman to Woman Talk #21 – Are you Bogged Down with What to Cook after Work? You are Not Alone – Tips for Planning Meals

Have you ever experienced that frustrating feeling when you look at your wristwatch or office wall clock and it is almost closing time; then you suddenly remember you have no idea of what to cook for your family when you get home? Many times I listen to colleagues exclaim: “Oooooh what are we even going to eat this evening”. Then other female folks join in saying “That’s true, I don’t know what to cook for my family too”. And then we go on to console ourselves or should I say make ourselves feel even worse with words like: “Ah the life of a woman”.

I don’t know about you, cooking is a matter of necessity for me; I do my best to make good meals. But some women love to cook and you find them trying a variety of recipes. One of my sisters loves to experiment and so at family gatherings/event she often comes up with a new soup and would want us all to try it. I really do admire what she does but me…” long story”.

A dear friend and colleague, Stellamaris who by the way is packaging some Nigerian soup recipes for this blog love to cook…and men, she really can cook!! Ladies like her are ever in the market space shopping for ingredients. It is an almost every other daily activity, count me out. I mean I even plan the precise amount of time I want to spend in the market; I call it shopping sharply and smartly…hehehe. Please o, don’t blame me.

Shopping for ingredients and foodstuff to prepare meals is one thing and cooking is another part of the kitchen palava. Sometimes your food store is well stocked with a variety of food items you can prepare and yet you have headaches about what to cook. Yes, I do, I don’t know about you. The problem is not a want for food but about been skillful in preparing variety so that your menu is not monotonous

So how do we make things easier on ourselves when it comes to preparing meals?
Good old fashion, food timetable works wonders. However, that would mean having all the variety in your timetable available in the house. Sometimes this is not workable. So you might need to also be flexible with your timetable.
Learn a few new recipes from your family and friends who love to cook. This you can try out to give yourself and family a variety of meals.
• It is advisable to buy foodstuffs in bulk to save cost and to also refrigerate them appropriately.
Have a day or days in the month when you prepare a variety of soups and stock in the freezer. This will help you prepare only what you need to accompany the soup such as rice or if you are very Nigerian, solid foods like Fufu, Eba, Amala, Akpu.
Do not hesitate to ask for help from those who love to cook *wink. If they are willing to do it for free – good for you but if not be willing to pay for the services. They will help you to make various soups in large quantity and then you can preserve in your deep freezer!
Sometimes offer to take your family out if you can afford it or get your man to take you all out. The trick to that…”Yawn and lament about how tired you really are if you are both riding in the same vehicle on your way home…hahaha….It is nice to have cooking free days.
Plan, plan, plan your meals as best as you can.

Have a stress free cooking life woman!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

9 thoughts on “Woman to Woman Talk #21 – Are you Bogged Down with What to Cook after Work? You are Not Alone – Tips for Planning Meals

  1. Ha!! I am SO like you in this! Cooking is a necessity and I too cook everything myself from wholesome ingredients as I like to cook and eat healthily. But it is definitely NOT something I do for pleasure or too relax. I need to be hungry, or at least slightly peckish, in order to plan a meal or shop for food. If I went food shopping straight after eating a meal I would be wasting my time as I have no imagination for cooking if I’m full! We are not all born as creative cooks just because we happen to be women!

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  2. Just employ me to do the cooking, I promise you, my fees are very affordable. Lol. 🙂 Well, I love to cook. It used to be a hobby as a child but I’ve grown to realise that it’s just one of those things I do with ease. I am passionate about what I eat and I love to be the one who makes the food. I never get tired of stirring soups or baking cakes or cooking moi-moi et al. But there must be hungry mouths to eat up those foodies. As a matter of fact, I don’t like freezing soups for too long. I like them fresh and crisp. No wonder I’m always around the kitchen and can whip up something in minutes. In fact, I’m considering doing business with it here… Oh yes! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Wouldn’t be nice to have someone cook for you. When I was single living in San Francisco Bay Area I met a man at College and I liked him like a brother. He kept me laughing in class. He became homeless and I offered him a room in my home. He loved to cook and he cooked 4 course meals he cleaned my house and kept it spotless. I called him my butler. I really enjoy cooking and I’m good at cooking all different types of cuisine but I do get tired. My husband doesn’t complain when I don’t cook cuz there’s usually leftover food in the refrigerator or the freezer.


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