Looking for a Job after Graduation and NYSC?

Do not just settle for anything, know what you want out of life.

So you have graduated from school and you think any job will do as long as you are able to earn some money? This is leaving your future to chance; it is also a time waster.

Students Nigeria

During my time at the National Youth Service (NYSC) camp days many years ago we had different organizations coming to pooch on young school graduates like us to give employment to in their companies. They wanted energetic young men and women who will help drive the vision of their organizations and move it to the next level. I remember a number of banks came asking us to fill some forms while preparing for aptitude tests and it was an opportunity many of us hoped would land us a job with a cool pay. I mean with all this wahala of unemployment, it was a great opportunity to seal one’s employment even before we started our National Youth Service.

I knew banking was not the kind of job I wanted to do. You see I had three kinds of jobs I was really interested in doing. In fact, I had written them down in a jotter and looked forward to landing one of them. My options were being a Lawyer, Teacher or Media personnel. So you see banking was not for me. In my employment journey, I have practiced as a teacher and landed finally in the media. And I do seriously enjoy what I do even with all the hard work. `

How not to settle for just any job and Land Your Dream Job/Career
Discover yourself: What comes naturally to you? What kinds of jobs would you like to do? What are your areas of interests? What do you love to do?
Money is important but that is not the first thing to consider when seeking to be gainfully employed. Enjoying what you would spend at least 8 hours of your time or even more every day is very important. It may not matter to you now but it will a few years down the line by which time you have wasted so much time.
What you dream of and desire is what you will attract. When you are clear about or at least have an idea of the kind of job you will like to do then opportunities of that nature will come rolling your way.
Be willing to start small and gather the needed experience for that dream job/opportunity.
While gaining experience from your small level, keep developing yourself. Enrol in professional courses relevant to the kind of job you dream of having. It isn’t always about money; there are many free online courses. So instead of using your time on the social media chatting away use it to search for courses that will equip you with needed skills.
Now this one(Warning): Mind what you post or share on the social media, you might be selling yourself negatively. Employers of labor and companies check the social media accounts of their intending employees.
The money will eventually come rolling in. Are you willing to develop and grow to become so much more than you ever dream?

What has worked for me in my career Journey

  • Pursuing jobs that march my skills, talents, and passions.
  • Willingness to give my best shot at whatever task or job I am opportune to handle.
  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Most importantly Trust in God who has great plans for my life and he unfolds them gradually and I love what is coming up!

All the best with  your dreams, pursuit and job hunt!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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