Our World has Gone Mad!!! What can We Do About It?

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Some time ago a man was seen early in the morning when people were rushing to get to work carrying a little child who was kicking and crying. Everyone passed by as they went about their business but one man noticed and decided to challenge the man carrying the child. The man just dropped the child and ran. He had abducted that child as soon as her mum dropped her off at the school gate!

The world has become more complex as our once simpler and innocent way of life is a mixed bag of mistrust, horror, and chaos. We now want to satisfy our appetite at any cost. The syndrome of anything that makes me happy even when it hurts others. Selfishness and wickedness(forgive my strong language) is the picture that we see on our news screens every day. Sometimes even though I work with a media organization, I feel like shutting out the news headlines that evade the social media, TV, radio, and newspapers. This is because fellow human beings seem to craft and carry more terrible wicked schemes. Will this ever end?

Such news as that of the rape and murder of young Zainab Ansari In Pakistan is really disheartening. As I watched her picture on the placards of those protesting in her community, I couldn’t but feel an awful chill. One camera did catch her abductor on tape and the horror of it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. “You dare not trust your child even with a supposed trusted neighbor”, it didn’t use to be so! I thought to myself.

I remember as a child my parents could just leave us in the care of a friend or neighbor while running errands or on days they have a function we couldn’t accompany them on. They did not fear us being molested by anyone. In fact, as a child up to my teenage level, you were afraid of your mum or dad’s friends seeing you engaged in anything that your parents didn’t approve of. They will definitely make sure that your parents hear about it! Now neighbors, friends and even close family members abuse those in their care sexually to a point where organs are damaged or a life is lost!

I also remember times when I was sick as a teenager when our family doctor would examine me. My mother didn’t have to stay in the examining room and the doctor did not take advantage of me! Now I won’t dream of living my daughter or my son for that matter with a doctor alone especially if it has to with getting undressed to examine him/her.

My Advice on ways you can protect your child:

  • Don’t be careless. Walk with your child to school especially younger children.
  • Keep an eye on your children.
  • Stop living your child with just anyone.Β some of us parents even leave them with a lesson teacher and you go out doing your business… Haaa! I hear some even leave their house key with lesson teacher who sleeps in the house when such parents travel on business! Haaaaaa… Danger raises to power 100!!😱😱
  • Teach your child what to look out for in identifying predators.
  • Remind your child about the golden rule of not talking to strangers.
  • Stop minding your business if you notice something abnormal about an adult holding a child or a stranger taking away your neighbor’s children do Something!!!

Seriously parents pay attention, stop been in hurry to go about your tasks forgetting to take those little but safe precautions.

Every child has a right to life and protection

Adebisi Adetunji(c)


11 thoughts on “Our World has Gone Mad!!! What can We Do About It?

  1. Right on! It is our responsibility to ensure children’s safety. Every child is our child, if they are endangered it’s up to us to rescue then to safety and trust no-one with your child! I wrote something similar sometime last year. It’s horrifying what this world has become. The children suffer when they are the most innocent,vulnerable and blameless. It’s so unfair! Thank you for this and for adults, we need to do better!

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  2. Amen and Amen again!! Have had personal experience with this topic and its horrible! Yes, we need to open our eyes and pay attention, and be aware! We don’t want to terrify our kids about the dangers out there, but we need them to know and most of all they need to know that they can come to us and tell us ANYTHING! NO matter who the person may be that hurt them and that we will believe them!!

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    • Yes I do agree to the points you made here Joyroses. We don’t want to terrify our kids but we need them to be aware of the dangers out there. And I like the idea of them been able to tell us anything and we would believe! I try to listen in between the lines when my kids are trying to tell me something that is of concern to them… Usually there is a lot more to the matter and then I can finally help them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. Thank you once again for bringing awareness, and giving solutions. I don’t watch the news, because I stared finding myself hating, yes hating all I saw. I pray for our world, and all the people in it, turn back to God. He is our only hope. The fear of God has been lost somewhere along the way. No one who fears God would dare do the things that we see. I was so shocked when you said people would just leave their children with strangers, and even give them keys to stay over. I never left my son with any one but his grand mother, who would have given her life for him. Thank you again for always shining light on something that otherwise might not get seen. God Bless you, my friend πŸ™‚

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    • Amen to your prayers for our World Margret! It is really scary what we hear and see everyday in the media! Thank God for your mum who was there to help you take care of your son… God bless her. I was shocked too when I got that news about parents leaving their house key with their children’s lesson teacher sometime last week… It is troubling to hear about how some parents can be careless.

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