Happy Valentine : Choose to Enjoy Your Day

The love bug has caught on… Valentine is here and amazingly in my office more people are dressed in other colors apart from the red Valentine color. Interestingly many have on a touch of black and white… Is this the new Valentine color? 😁

Love goes beyond Valentine’s day. Whatever you do,  enjoy your day. If there is no date invitation from anyone celebrate yourself and enjoy your day.

Be grateful for all the beautiful things going on in your life besides having a man to dote on you.

And this is an opportunity to tell someone, it could be your spouse, kids, friends, mum and dad that you love him or her.
My kids gave me warm hug this morning to say “Happy Valentine’s Day mum”. Who says this day has to be all about lovers!

So enjoy your day; love yourself and if you like give yourself a treat.

From me… Loads of love and kisses💞😘😘

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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