What Are You Up to This Weekend?

Are weekends rest times anymore? A lot seemed packed into our weekends these days.

If it is here in my culture, there is always an “Owanbe” party. Usually there is one wedding, 50th – 70th birthday bash or retirement party, house warming…. And so on and so forth to attend.

Today I am supposed to be at a 70th birthday bash unfortunately “the husband” is under the weather. So I am a nurse for this weekend however in between I have to sort out a few other chores including running errands/attending to an office deadline….

My friend Stella made this pepper soup with assorted meat. It’s from Stellamaris kitchen

OK where is the rest time now? So maybe I can grab a pepper soup bowl and relax reading a book 😁😁 that’s assuming I get someone to make that pepper soup… Hahaha 😁😁

OK, do enjoy your weekend… Find time to relax and rest.

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