Summer Holiday Art – Our Living Room is Looking Good! 🙌🌹 #Humour

Tick… Tock... ⏰Schools Resume this September in Nigeria… I know that feeling of sorting out school fees as a parent… Don’t worry it will all be sorted out.

What fun thing did your kids do this summer holiday? Mine had a mix blend of subject coaching : a little bit of traveling and an art workshop to wrap it all up.

Sitting in our living room are these two beautiful art products… 👏👏 OK giving it up to the two artists… David and Ololade my two angels. 

Now they are busy checking out their new school text books… The excitement I don’t get… Last night they almost slept with these books on their bed… Maybe it’s a “book hug” thing… Lol😀😀

Praying that the Lord’s blessings and protection will rest on all our children as they resume a new school year.

Adebisi Adetunji (C) Founder Beehyve Empowerment and Development Initiative. Media content provider, Trainer & consultant-@debisibusybeemedia, Behavioral Change Radio Drama, Communication4Development, Social Media Influencer, Principal Producer (FRCN) Catch me on Twitter – @DebisiBusybee, Facebook & email –


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