#GratitudeWeek Activated – Day 2 WRONG TURNS

One time I made a mistake in boarding a wrong bus headed for a destination far from where I intended to go. It turned out to be a long journey back to the hotel I was lodged plus the I had to be in the freezing weather for one hour before getting another bus that was going my way.

LESSON: Be CAREFUL of the choices you make in life; don’t ignore the warning signs in your heart.

GRATEFUL for the lesson I learned with this experience. Even in my mistake or taking a wrong turn, God protected me and didn’t allow me fall into the hands of people that could take an advantage of me. Eventually He got me safely to my destination. EVEN When we take wrong turns He is there guiding us. #Godlovesyou

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

10 thoughts on “#GratitudeWeek Activated – Day 2 WRONG TURNS

  1. I am grateful for the force beyond me, God, that keeps me grounded. I love how you said โ€œ donโ€™t ignore the warning signs of the heartโ€. Thatโ€™s so important and something Iโ€™m trying to practice more often.

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