Ideas For Celebrating Valentine For Singles, Couples & Families

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My kids sure know how to plot a coup when it comes to celebrating special days like birthdays, wedding anniversary and even Valentine. So last night they came to meet me in the bedroom asking me about what I intend to buy for their daddy as a Valentine gift. I smiled😀 knowing that it was a strategy to ensuring that we do have a special eating out time as a family. Eventually, I told them I had plans of getting my only “lover”, their daddy something… None of them Know what I am planning… It’s a family party…🙌🎉🎂You are invited if you can travel across the world! Then I asked if they would love to have a Valentine present from me; you can imagine the resounding YES! 😍So I am on the lookout for their presents before I get a query…For me, It is time for family love!👪💑

Here are Ideas to Help You have a Sweet and Memorable Valentine.

Love should be an everyday affair not a just a one-day special event. But then again life gets busy and days like Valentine reminds about revamping our love life.

What have you got planned for this Valentine? Seriously you do not need to go on a date with anyone if you are not in the mood or have no love relationship going.


  •  Find a nice cool eatery, ice cream joint or amala joint(African Yoruba dish joint)  and take yourself out. Sit and enjoy your meal alone or you could take the time to make new friends.
  • After a hard day’s work because this Valentine actually falls on a work day; buy a pack of popcorn and cold drinks on your way home. Take a shower, get cozy on your couch or bed and watch a good old movie, munching away with your popcorn.
  •  And reading or completing that book you have been meaning to finish might not be a bad idea. Accompany your read with a nice treat.
  •  Hang out with your friends and family. 
  • Self-love – Get a nice hair-do; pedicure & manicure; or massage.
  • Or simply have a good night sleep and rest. Time to catch up your much-needed sleep after the much sleepless night.


  • Buy your partner/spouse a gift not necessarily something expensive. The idea is to say…”Hey, I still love you and you mean so much to me”.
  • Plan a date: When was the last time you took out time to eat out, talk and just be alone.
  • Read a “relationship book” aloud to each other and accompany it with a nice treat; anything to munch and drink.
  •  Watch a movie you both love and reminds you of when you started your love journey together.
  • You can decide to have a couples dinner in your home or out if you prefer. Invite another couple who are your friends over.
  • Write a love letter and address it to your spouse, putting it right where he/she can see it.
  • Do something special for each other like helping with chores around the house.
Photo Credit: Patio’s class – Valentine’s Craft


Valentine is a good time to reaffirm your love for each other as a family.

  • Buy a valentine gift or write a love note in a card for your children. Let them know that they are very much loved.
  • Have a family dinner; talk about the history of Valentine; what genuine love means and about God’s love.
  • Visit your lonely neighbors and share a cake or meal with them.
  • Don’t forget the grandmas and grandpas. Allow your kids to call their grandparents and wish them a love-filled Valentine.
  • Give your parents a call if they are far away and tell them, you love them.

MOST IMPORTANTLY REACH OUT AND SHOW SOME LOVE TO SOMEONE, ANYONE NOT NECESSARILY PEOPLE IN YOUR CLIQUE! A kind word, a hug; an invitation, a card or gift to just say “you are loved” will suffice!

And you are loved too❤️❤️🌹🌹!

Happy Valentine!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C) Broadcast Journalist, Founder Beehyve Empowerment and Development Initiative. Media content provider, Trainer & consultant-@debisibusybeemedia, Behavioral Change Radio Drama, Communication4Development, Social Media Influencer, Controller Programs (FRCN) Catch me on Twitter – @DebisiBusybee, Facebook & email –

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