#MondayMotivation – Sometimes You Have To Push Yourself

It’s a brand new week and you are not just feeling up to the tasks ahead of you. Your energy level is in the middle or even very low… Yes I know that feeling. Believe me there will be days like that and you are not alone.

Sometimes we can’t seem to have it all together. Now here is the thing, you have to DO SOMETHING! Start with small tasks and move unto the big ones. Feelings change remember,  and some deadlines have to be attended to whether you feel like it or not.

So here is me saying, encourage yourself; get your spark again; face your day and week. EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT RIGHT!

A quick few words of motivation from me to inspire your week.


Adebisi Adetunji (C) Broadcast Journalist, Media content provider, Trainer & consultant-@debisibusybeemedia, Behavioral Change Radio Drama, Communication4Development, Social Media Influencer, Controller Programs (FRCN) Founder Beehyve Empowerment and Development Initiative. Catch me on Twitter – @DebisiBusybee, Facebook & email – bisimodupe1975@gmail.com

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