One Girl Get’s A Year’s Sanitary Pad

Periods continue even in the Coronavirus pandemic! How can we help meet the sanitary pad’s needs of girls in underserved communities?

 A sanitary pack costs between N360 – N650 depending on the number in a pack. I spend at least N2000 monthly to meet my menstruation needs! How many women/girls can afford that?

I am excited to be a part of the sanitary pad media campaign initiated by Funke Treasure Durodola to provide a year supply of pads to 1000 girls across Nigeria!. I am joining concerned men and women to donate funds to provide free sanitary pads.

One time some female and male colleagues of mine had a funny and serious conversation about how much a woman has to spend on sanitary pads/tampons monthly. We told the guys that they should please give us their girlfriends, sisters, and wives sanitary pads as birthday presents!😊 Yes ooo…I will so fall in love with my man afresh if I get a sanitary pad as a birthday present …(blushing) amongst other things though …hahaha! 

With just N10, 000 a school-aged girl in underserved communities can have access to free sanitary pads for 12 months!

The Illuminate NIG DEV NET LTD/GTE team started an online campaign series with #Whatifmenmenstruated on Twitter in March 2020 to get the buy-in of men.
Now the team is asking women to break the silence and talk about their menstruation stories in a series tagged #mymenstruationstory.

No dulling, I quickly told my own menstruation story to lend my voice to conversations on menstrual hygiene and access to sanitary pads for women and girls. 

                                                      MY MENSTRUATION STORY

It was my Youth Service year, I started searching through the clothes in my wardrobe for a solution to my predicament. Usually, I would be ready but unlike previous months, there was no money anywhere to purchase my consignment! I found a fairly-new Ankara wrapper and began to cut through with scissors. “At least I can manage this for a while, I thought to myself. Sighing deeply and feeling sorry for myself, I washed and dried the big pieces of clothes I had cut out of my Ankara wrapper. Then I iron and folded each for use.

Soon the flood gates opened and I quickly put on one of my folded Ankara pieces. A few moments later, I was all soaked and needed to change. There would be no going anywhere in the 5 days that my menstruation lasted. Before long all my pieces of Ankara cloth were used up. Warm tears flowed down my face as I faced my helpless and embarrassing situation.
After a while, I knew I needed help, I had to reach out to a family friend who gave me money to purchase at least one sanitary towel before my allowee got paid. After that experience, I vowed to always buy extra sanitary pads every month before meeting other needs.

I am one of the lucky women who can afford to buy my own tampon/sanitary pad but think of so many school girls, ladies, and women out there who can not afford to buy one!
Seriously, sanitary pads are really expensive, as an essential product, companies, organizations, and government can do something about subsidizing it!

The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to provide a year supply of pads to 1000 girls!! 

                                    Be a part of this and put a smile on a girl’s face:

                                    1. Sponsor a girl for a year with 10,000 Naira only
                                    2. Adopt a rural school by donating sanitary pads.

Be the change you want to see! You can support a girl or more through your donations.


Account Number: 1017179136

Zenith Bank

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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