A Baby in Detention

It’s dark but cozy in here
I hear voices speaking on the outside
One voice stands out, she sings to me on some days
She prays for me at times; she rubs my back throw the walls that separates us

I begin to hear strange voices
I tumble over in my little abode
I hear a soft moan at first of that once soothing voice
Then i hear a loud cry, i shiver
Is she safe, I’m i safe

There is a calm but her soothing voice doesn’t sing to me anymore
Something is wrong, i wish i knew what was wrong
Maybe when i am ripe to come out of my abode
Maybe when we finally meet i can make her sing again

The day came and my descent through the canal started
It was rough but i pressed on
Finally the first breath of air filled my lungs and i cried out aloud

A rough hand carried me, cleaned me hurriedly and threw me among other crying babies
I heard that soothing voice now distressed pleading
She was pleading for me
She cried, don’t hurt my baby

I felt a soft hand that must be hers picking me up
But a rough hand snatched me from her and dumped me among other crying babies

The light suddenly went out    BABY BLIND FOLDED
A cloth was put around my face
I started to cry out louder
Mummy save me
Then i felt a movement, wheels were turning
Moving me far away from my mother

Many young girls are held in detention and forced to have babies that are then sold to the highest bidder. These girls get raped and are physically abused during the process. Many babies are snatched right out of the womb and not even allowed to suck the breast milk from their mother. Baby factories Must be STOPPED, Baby trafficking is HEARTLESS. I hear that some maternity clinics and orphanages are used for these illegal and evil act.If you notice unusual activities in your neighborhood please report to the appropriate security operatives. You might be saving one girl, one mother, one baby in detention.

Photo Credit: Vanguard(How child trafficking network operates)

Adebisi Adetunji