What Do you do when you just don’t Have time to Blog

Blogging for me is something I love to do. I mean it is a privilege to be able to share a story, an idea , an information with others.
You are making a difference in both your life and that of others. A great blessing I’d say. 

So what happens when you really have things you would love to share on your blog but you just can’t squeeze in the time. And you get alerts from new blog post from your friends from the blogosphere…
I go like heeeeheee(yoruba way of saying haaaa) 😁. Meaning that I am really far behind.

So what do you do?
1) Understand and remind yourself about why you started blogging in the first place.
2) Go visiting other bloggers. Read their post, share your thoughts and just basically support what others do. I try to do this.
3) Maintain your own pace but try and share something even If it is just a photo.
4) Seriously you must balance your life. Other areas of your life do need attention. So stop feeling guilty about not been able to post more blogs as you would like too.
5) Keep blogging, keep doing your best.

I appreciate every blogger… It’s not easy… It’s a lot of hard work. Love you loads.

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How to improve and grow viewings of your social media posts


Be willing to step on and admire other people’s carpet as you spread your Carpet for others to step on.

The social media is here to stay and we all use it to make friends, socialize, share happy moments and not too happy ones. And this one I like it is a life saver in terms of reminding us about our friends and loved ones birthday.

Businesses, organizations and individuals  promote their goods and services online. Here is the deal…
You want other people to click and like your post then you have to become interested in what others do.

I am still learning to share, use my skills and promoting what I do on social media platforms. But some thing I have learnt is don’t be a wall on your page or wall. Go ahead and get interested in what others are doing. Read their posts, comment and like it.

As you reach out others will reach out to you. What good is that “goods and services or skill” you are promoting if nobody clicks to take a look at what you have to say.

Don’t have an attitude of I have got a message that everyone needs and expect that People should naturally take a look.

Tips to get your Social Media posts noticed

* Pay attention to your title
* Learn more about the correct use of the language you write in
* Those who at least like your post, follow them, get interested in what they do too.

*Reach out to new people, organizations or businesses by reading their post, commenting and introduce yourself nicely too.
* Look for avenues to promote your post on other platforms not in a rude way. I mean don’t go posting sales of cars on the comment space of a daily devotional page simply because the traffic is high. I see this all the time it simply turns people off.
* Be authentic; be you
* Find and carve your own niche
* Write about what comes to you naturally.
* Be original; be yourself
* Slowly but surely you will grow and expand your sphere of customer base.

Even Celebraties and great brands get out there to promote and reach out to would be clients so go out and socialize

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Looking for Bloggers in Ibadan – URGENT

Are you a blogger or know any blogger who lives in Ibadan? An opportunity to make a difference and meet a notable organization seeking your creative writing skills is just one step away.

Its an opportunity to network and meet people who will enhance what you do.

Please get in touch with me via my email – bisimodupe1975@gmail.com ASAP. Send in your details, your name, phone number and blog address. Thank you… Spread the word.

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Missed you…Missed YOU Seriously


I have been away almost the whole week and i am delighted to be able to put pen to paper and give you my dear friends something to read and peruse through.

A girl does deserve a break don’t you think? *wink*
I am supposed to be on vacation….still trying to catch some fun here and there but again pent up stress found an outlet and broke me down. I have kind of being under the weather and so i am forced to visit the hospital and hug my bed by force!

You won’t believe it while hugging my bed trying to rest my bones and body i have a business deadline…personal not office things o! And so my stressed body is ringing a warning bell all around in my head with so much throbbing at the side. Finally i do what i can and allow my body to rest.

I am writing this post at least feeling rested a bit and i just couldn’t resist the temptation to not say hello to you my dear friends in the blogging community; friends and family on other social media platforms.

I missed reading your comments, i missed reading your posts and commenting; i missed your likes and kind words…you matter to me.

I missed you…believe it…i seriously missed you.

Next post loading shortly is a “Story from the corner of a street” I met a woman that made realize the pain some people leave with…you just don’t know even though they seem happy.

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Fellow Bloggers who Motivate and Encourage me in a Surprising Way #1.


Get motivate -Please visit these blogs and say hello plus you might take away something new. Don’t be afraid to meet others; reach out, spread the love…that’s how we all grow.

Panchirsch…He blogs and post photos of interesting places around the world. Almost every time I post something on my blog, he is one of those who had clicked on the “like” button. Seriously it does encourage me especially since I haven’t visited his blog or clicked the “like” button as many times as he had done for me. I am going to visit more now my friend.

Lesson: Keeping doing good; keep supporting others even when the other person seem not to notice you wish.

The Eye Dancers– A great story with great imaginations. Thank you for reading my posts.

Akhila – Delightful and full of sunshine. She has a way with words and I am encouraged by comments.

Jacqueline –acookingpotandtwistedtales…Never far behind encouraging other bloggers and very creative with words. She is the one that calls me “Nne” meaning sister. To me she is my sister from another mother. If you are looking for a party to attend with so much fun, and collaboration….Jackie’s blog is the place to be. My stats increase every time I attend one of these parties and mingle with others. And you have a great opportunity to share your posts here in other to reach a wide audience.

Kidsoftenthe50sand60s – She knows how to take you back in time. Want to see biscuits, cloths, foods and so on from your past and compare them to modern day versions…then it is one blog you have to visit. I am encouraged by her because she pops up every now and then to see my posts and comment or like. And somehow it just comes at the right time…that’s the feeling I get when I see her comment. Thank you for staying with me.

Dray – DreamBigDreamoften, one blogger who reminds me of the fact that I can grow and keep growing. I am encouraged by the fact that my blog got found by other bloggers on his page. And I have made some new friends through his let’s connect links.

More bloggers in my life coming next week…Love you all!!

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