Dear Diary…Caught in the Act…TBEE Writes #9

jotterAfter the drama at our hostel, it wasn’t uncommon to see girls gather around the general tap while fetching water talking about the unbelievable act. I mean it’s not like fights hadn’t happened in our hostel before but this was definitely taking it to a dangerous level. I mean how does a person deliberately burn another girl with a hot electric Iron! Sheer meanness…! No one is sure yet what the school authority will decide about the girl who did this. Some of us wish she will be expelled because in my mind limiting it to just apologizing felt like saw dust in my mouth…yes, I’ll spit it out! Not in my church mind right now…forgiveness is tough o! Thank goodness the wounded girl lived through it and is recovering. I heard her parents came and took her home. So glad I don’t have a crazy roommate.


Dear diary I should leave other people’s problems and face my own. You won’t believe what happened to me. How could I have been so careless…I mean I didn’t see it coming or I would have taken the necessary precaution. Now he would never trust me again. Heee… I am in serious trouble not with DT o, in fact, he is the reason why it became an escalated issue. The week had been a very busy one for both of us, lectures, assignments, and tests. So I had insisted that we couldn’t hang out as DT wanted. I mean I can’t afford to carry over any course o!

Well finally Friday came and we decided to go unwind at a campus party. It was all night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I managed to stay sober, no hard drinks for me still, my friends don’t get it neither does DT. Anyway, it would have been a double barrel trouble if I had been drunk when the palaver landed on my laps. So we were returning from the party early hours of the morning and DT was right beside me. Now picture the scenario, two love birds walking through the car park in front of my hostel. DT’s arms were wrapped around me and I leaned on him in my skimpy gown which was by the way strapless. I was tired and sleepy and on one hand, I held my shoes…my feet is killing. There I was feeling like the world was perfect and then right in front of me, he stood. It was a reflex reaction I quickly broke free from DT’s arms, dropped my shoes and stuttered… “Goo…good morning sir”. DT knew immediately that this was big trouble but not for him, though.

Here was my dad standing in front of my hostel a few minutes to 6 a.m. What in the world was he doing here? I screamed inside my heart. DT quickly excused himself on my signal. I was left standing there alone in the morning chilly air facing my dad!!

Haaa…it was not funny, I really don’t want to go into the details of what happened next. Dear diary…maybe tomorrow my heart will be less heavy…Goodnight.


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Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Dear Diary…My Rage and Embarrassment…TBEE Writes #5

jotterDear Diary, remember where I stopped yesterday. Hun…hun my saga with DT, my boyfriend at the school chapel. Well, this is how it all went down after the service.  I had planned to find an escape route through one of the many entrances and simply disappear in the midst of the rushing worshippers, lecturers and students alike. Unfortunately for me, DT grabbed my hand closest to him and I didn’t want to embarrass myself as we all filed out. “This guy think say him get sense…we’ll see when we get out the door”.

Outside I snatched my hands out of his hold. “Babe, don’t be like that”,  DT pleaded in a quiet baritone voice. No one would suspect what he was capable of. “Please let me pass”,  I said as he stood like a stone wall in front of me. In my thoughts, I screamed, “this guy is bent on embarrassing me all the way”. DT asked if he could drop me off at my hostel and my eyes just did the talking…saying No way!

Frustrated he muttered through his teeth, “I said I was sorry”. Yes, he had apologized over and over again…so much that I had stop counting.

Dear diary, it’s not like I am enjoying being difficult but every time I looked at him I just remember that night. Okay let me explain the crux of our fight. The other night like a week ago now, DT took me out on a date. We went to a pepper soup nice joint. Fresh fish and Isi ewu was our treat after which we planned to dance until we eased off the day’s tension. So here we were at our table for two, DT loves to play the gentle guy with some cash to spoil his babe. He comes from a comfortable home, with a car to himself. Girls like me enjoyed having a “tush” guy with a cool ride on campus. Of course I was the envy of some other girls. He would open the door of his car for me; pull up a chair and made sure that I was seated before sitting down himself at the table.

So here I was feeling so special and loved as my DT took charge of things. I was excited and giggled. One of the waiters came by to ask for our order. Trust me when it comes to food, I am never shy and I don’t pretend. So I asked for “Isi ewu” pepper soup and a cold bottle of Malt drink. peppersoup-goat-meat

DT ordered for fresh fish pepper soup and a bottle of beer.

cat-fish-pepper-soupHe still hasn’t been able to convince me to try drinking beer. I am curious about it and want to but what would my dear clergy father say. He won’t even dream of finding me here. I mean I should be dating a fine Christian boy …well DT goes to church sometimes.

Back to our date matter, we were chatting and flirting at the same time while waiting for the waiter to serve our ordered treats. She came shortly with our steaming hot pepper soups. DT’s treat landed on the table safely but I really can’t say what happened, somehow myisi ewu pepper soup spilled on my lap and mine…it was painfully hot! My skin burned and I felt the sharp pain somewhere in my “Medulla oblongata”.  What happened next left me bewildered. DT slapped the lady across her face and she went sprawling on the floor. “You didn’t have to do that”! I screamed. But DT was uncontrollable; he started kicking her on the floor. By now the whole joint was in up roar. By then I had forgotten that my skin burned as I kept begging DT to stop. Thankfully some hefty guys grabbed him and bundled him out of the place. The poor girl, I kept apologizing while she sat down on the dirty floor crying. I didn’t know which one I felt more, rage or embarrassment.

I refused to ride with him in his car that night. I decided to take an okada to take me straight back to campus. Imagine at midnight! If anything bad had happened to me what would my poor parents who sent to school do? The risks we sometimes take for love, I seriously don’t understand.
So here were at the car park in front of the school chapel with DT trying to explain himself, begging me to please forgive him. I looked at him in the eye and thought to myself, “if he could treat a stranger like that what about me? Dear diary did he really loved me that much that he couldn’t stand me suffering? Should I forgive him? He seemed sober…hmmm I am caught in between my feelings and my rage towards him.

Credits: Nigerian Foods


Isi ewu – Goat Head sliced to make pepper soup

This guy think say him get sense – Guy trying play smart

Medulla Oblongata -Part of the brain that joins the spinal  cord and controlls involuntary actions.

Tush – Slang for being trendy and stylish

Okada -A motorcycle taxi in Nigeria

Adebisi Adetunji(C)