Empty Nest Syndrome : Coping as an Elderly Person

The empty nest syndrome is something every aging individual must be faced with. We forget in our struggles to provide for our children that they would one day start their own lives leaving home.

Yes, children should pay attention to visiting, calling and caring for their aging parents but more often than not it is not as frequent as one would like. And so many elderly persons find themselves lonely after retirement; after children have left home and life seems to just take a slow pace.

How can an older person deal with loneliness? How can an older person still enjoy life after retirement and children are gone from home?

1) Get a hobby: Time to start doing something about that hobby. My father loved rearing poultry birds while we were still in school those days. It wasn’t a question of space, he just found a way around it. One time his chickens were in a wooden made house under the stairs that went up to our own flat. I mean we had other neighbors. The chickens were not for sale but we enjoyed them as protein in our meals. Now that he is retired, he keeps busy raising chickens, turkey, ducks and every kind of bird that simply catches his fancy. No dull day for him at 70+ as he wakes up to the sound of his hungry birds every morning. View Original Post

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How Many Types of “Iyana Ipaja” Do you Know About?

If you live in Lagos or have ever visited the city you must be familiar with the Iyana Ipaja Area. Every now and then you see a “danfo bus” with a conductor shouting out names of destinations. danfo-bus

And you better pay attention before boarding a bus lest you find yourself en route to a wrong destination ….hee hee…in Lagos?!! That is preparing to enter “go slow”, or if you prefer traffic jam. Then it will take you forever before you finally take a u-turn that will get you to your desired destination.

So back to this Iyana Ipaja matter. How many types of “Iyana Ipaja” do you know of ? Answer…

Let me help you out. I and two of my colleagues at work went to do an interview with a senior citizen whom we wanted to feature on our radio program – “Ike Agba(Care of the elderly). After our very informative and interesting chat with Pa Segun Ajibade, he took us on a tour around his compound where all kinds of vegetables and fruit plants could be found. We got a lesson on different vegetables and their health benefit. Trust that when you start a conversation with an elderly person you are going to get a history lesson. You’ll hear stories of their childhood escapades, government wahala and in 197…
And you can’t rush them o…just patiently listen. It’s your history lesson day…Lol

Patiently listen to an elder’s seemingly rant for there you get a rich wealth of wisdom and learn lessons of life you can never buy with money.

So here we were learning from Pa Ajibade about the different kinds of vegetable you can cook together to make a rich healthy meal. Out came the name of this vegetable plant….


Pa Ajibade called it the “Iyana Ipaja” Vegetable. I said Iyana Ipaja?! Hehehe…(Laughing) Lagos Iyana Ipaja has a namesake vegetable plant!! It was really funny and exciting for me. So out came my phone camera, I just had to take this picture and share it with you all.

Iyana Ipaja Area in Lagos during a rainy season.


I did a little research to find out more about the Iyana Ipaja Vegetable. Here are a few things I found out:

This vegetable is also known as cnidoscolus chayamansa and is useful for treatment of anemia and alcohol-related diseases. It helps to increase the life span of red blood cells and in some quarters it is referred to as a “blood tonic”.

Other names for the Iyana Ipaja vegetable include tree spinach, efo Jerusalem(Yoruba). Research shows that it can be effective in serving as a sedative therefore useful in helping to cure insomnia.

Just in case you want to get to Iyana Ipaja Area in Lagos, here is a 2016  Google Map to help you find your way:


Enjoy your Weekend!!!

Photo Credit: Jumia Travel, Nairaland,

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My Volunteer Experiences

This post was inspired by the daily prompt word for today – Volunteer

Birtday groove 5

Most times we think volunteer work is meant to be only recognized when offered in a big organization. I say no that’s not how it works. You can personally volunteer to use your spare time to make a difference in your neighborhood; in the life of some one.

I am volunteering my time to help give psycho social/therapeutic counseling to a person who is struggling with depression. This for me is using my social work skill to help this person get emotional support and balance.

I recently spent  my one month annual leave in helping to plan for the celebration of the elderly in my community. My role included drafting and typing of letters ; sourcing and following up sponsors; sourcing for medical personnel and organizations to give free medical check up; helping with promotional materials etc. Some of my colleagues berated me for wasting my rest time of  the year. I laughed each time I heard this but it was a task I enjoyed doing even though I needed my rest. All I could think of was the difference my efforts will make. And it was a worthwhile venture.

Volunteering is hard work, a sacrifice, and a learning experience. I would do it again and again.

Keep shinning your volunteer light in your little corner. It’s making more difference than you can imagine.

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Photo Gallery of Radio Nigeria South West World Elders Day Celebration 2016

I was part of the great and creative team – planning, getting sponsors,typing of letters, preparing the brochure; visiting some organizations and individuals to sponsor elders to the event; sleepless nights…it was all worth it in the end as we saw the smiles and laughter of our senior citizens at the event.

So here is a few shots i took and would like to share with you:

My parents at the event…no way i would allow them miss this.


Honor your Father and your mother

Elders registering


Elders receiving free medical  check from University Teaching College community health workers and Corporate Eye Clinic


The oldest elder at the venue: 100 years old woman- Mama Esther Olukotun.


Elders at the celebration


It was time to dance with our music artiste Jimi Solanke: Me, hubby and sister who also volunteered as a health worker.


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Elder friendly Wednesday

radio-2Here is what i have been busy doing….
World Elders Day Celebration in style, coming up October, 3, 2016.
Loads of fun for our senior citizens as we take them down memory lane with Jimi Solanke and other artistes; Cultural display; Diet and mobility at old age talks, Free medical check by Chief Tony Anenih Geriatric centre medical team UCH; Free eye check by Corporate eye clinic and lots more.

Lets do this….world elders day loading….

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How Do Older Persons Feel?

Every now and then while interacting with an older person i get a glimpse of their feeling. happy-older-couple-111120

After a meeting with an organization planning for the celebration of our senior citizens, we stood up and made our way down stairs.

Those of us still in our youthful years raced down the stairs and when we got down we stood looking up waiting for the elders to finish taking one step after another slowly and heaved a sigh of relief as soon as they made it to the last step.

One elderly man said laughing: “you young people just jugged down…age is telling on our bodies now”.

I bet that old man wanted to race down the stairs like we did. I wish i knew what went through his mind…memories of his youthful days i guess and a wish that he could turn back the hand of the clock.

How do older persons feel?
Its a whole new season of adjustment for them:
– Diets change
-Mobility is slower
– Kids are carrying on with their own lives meaning loneliness can set in.
– Number of friends decrease
– Earning power seriously reduced leaving them frustrated about not having enough money to buy or do what they wish.
– The younger generation are impatient on the queue while waiting for an elderly person to move on in the line.
– Frequent visits to the hospital
And a whole lot more…

As the world prepares to celebrate another world older persons day come 1st October, 2016 lets make life better for our senior citizens. Theme: Take a stand against Ageism( Age discrimination)

Put a smile on an older person today by been more caring and patient.

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Photo Credit: livescience.com

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