Celebrating Maami at 70!!! Hip..Hip…Hurray!!!

Maami is 70 today, 10th March 2016. MUM
She was born within the week that the world celebrate mothers and women
She made a statement at birth…I am a woman!

Mum in 1984 just delivered her last baby girl – Aderonke
Mum during naming ceremony of her last baby- Sesan

She was born at a time when society thought that a girl didn’t need to go to school for she would soon be married off
“All the other girls who were sent to school got pregnant”…she was told but she cried and cried and her older brother did manage to help her further her education as best as he could.

Her educational journey stopped at  the level of what was then known as Modern school
Still she went on to work and make a living helping and supporting her family

Maami was there at the birth of my two kids. She was holding my hands in those tough birth pains
Maami cleaned the tear i had after birth until it healed

Maami is a prayer warrior…everyone of us- myself and my siblings know that she is always on her knees praying for us.

I have seen her pains; i have seen her battle health challenges; i have seen her weep but remain strong. Through it all the Lord had helped her.

Oh Maami is not so perfect, she is still human
She can be very stubborn but wise too in her own way.

Maami, is 70years old on planet earth today. She says: “I didn’t even know that i could make it through 40, 50 years…now i am 70, i can only give thanks to God”.

Maami,we love you and celebrate you today. May your strength be renewed and may your life be sweeter.

Memories from family photos:

Grandma on her 69th birthday
Mum with Dad on her 69th birthday
US and Grandma on her 69th
Us and mum on her 69th birthday
Grandchildren and Mum on her 69th
Grandchildren & Mum on her 69th birthday
My brithday with mumand dad
My 40th birth with Dad,mum, hubby
Grandma and family
Grandchildren and grandma celebrating with me
My large family at an end of year thanksgiving

Love: Bisi & Yemi, Bimpe & Ayo, Deola & Tayo, Tayo & Agnes, Ronke & Kenneth, Sesan

Adebisi Adetunji