Forced Fun Holiday!!!

Well Hello there! I have truly missed visiting and reading posts from my blogging community…missed you all! First it was work…work…work that kept me busy, and then my internet subscription expired. A quick check on the coins in my pocket and I knew it had to wait. But hey I’m back.

What have I been up to especially with the long holiday? You know in Nigeria we look for every opportunity to declare a public holiday. Incidentally Christmas coincided with Id-el Maulud and so it was a love tie between Muslims and Christians as everyone gets to celebrate. I was neck deep meeting up with packaging my programs for broadcast and seriously looking forward to the holidays but I quickly programmed a list of writings I must catch up on. So you see in my mind’s eye it was meant to be a working holiday. But boom came an invitation to a dinner party…I thought about my escape plan for not going. My brilliant darling husband knew what I was up to…he simply ironed and laid out cloths for the dinner on our very large family size bed. DRESS

Then he mentioned a few reasons why we shouldn’t disappoint our dear host. Reluctantly I agreed. It became exciting and began to feel like a date with my man when on announcing the evening plan to the children they started to giggle. You know sometimes you think you know them…here were my kids slapping each other palm and blowing kisses towards each other. I chuckled and really began to reflect on enjoying a wonderful evening with the love of my life. Of course the kids didn’t go with us…Lol. It was a memorable dinner filled with fun, comedy and lots of food and drinks. Of course I did manage to measure what went down my stomach so I won’t have to regret the following day.

It was so much fun laughing together and giggling like two love birds who had just found each other. There was a lot of PRESS presence at this dinner party; the paparazzi was too much…it was almost like a photo shoot. I had fun having our pictures taken.


I thought that would be it for me…I mean no other extravaganza celebration but the very next day I got another dinner invitation only this time it was an almost official and business kind of party. This time I was on my own as “The Husband” couldn’t accompany me. I had a baptism of driving myself all alone late in the night. The party was cool as well…lots of things to laugh about, plenty food and drinks as well.

Looks like daddy and mummy had all the fun…nope! The next day which was Christmas day was their turn. First we went to church to celebrate the birth of our Savior and friend Jesus. The children’s church presented a variety that left a good feeling in the hearts of adults. After service we had a church party!


It didn’t end there we took them to a fun park. FUN PARKFUN PARK 2

They had so much fun and even managed to win a brand new bicycle in a raffle draw!! It was all hugs and kisses when we got a phone call that we won the bicycle the next morning because we had to leave the park before it was time for the raffle draw.


In between all of the fun I was having I kept thinking about my neglected work load left undone on my computer. So finally a day before resumption to work I decided to write a few posts for my blog. An elderly neighbor reminded me that rest and fun was good in order to maintain a healthy balance. I smiled and gave myself a mental good pat on the back congratulating myself for daring to have so much fun in the midst of deadlines.

I hope you did get a break and had fun this season. Life is short, enjoy every bit of it!

Adebisi Adetunji