Pink is not a Feminine Colour After-all


The idea that pink is not a feminine or girl colour after-all sounds like challenging the stereotype belief of modern society. Now before nodding your head vigorously in disagreement first follow me on this thought line.
When an expectant mother or couple discovers the gender of their unborn baby, it automatically helps to determine what the nursery/baby room would look like and the kind of cloths to buy. Mostly if it’s a baby girl then the nursery decoration takes on the features of pink. When it’s a baby boy colours like blue, Green are used to decorate the nursery. Have you ever being to a baby shower where almost all the dresses or presents for the new baby turned out to be pink. It’s what I call a pink wardrobe…common on that is so pinkish!

The other day I went visiting a darling sister who had just given birth to a bouncy baby boy. As I entered the post natal ward filled with happy faces of mothers and their newly born, I was greeted by two rows of baby cots one on each side of the large ward.

Baby cots

These baby cots where all wrapped in pink shawls and this made the room look all pinkish. As I marched towards my friend and her baby boy I couldn’t help but chuckle at the idea of pink baby cots for all the babies…I mean both boys and girls. I thought to myself, “Why would they make everything so pink”? I wanted to see some of the baby cots wrapped in blue shawls to warmly welcome baby boys as is the tradition. How did we arrive at the ideology that the best colour for baby boys is blue and girls get wrapped in pink? I seriously wondered but anyway it struck me then that the colour pink in my own opinion has a warm feeling, innocence, softness and beauty about it. Maybe that’s why the hospital made a choice of pink shawls for all the baby cots. I found out in my research that in previous centuries pink was believed to be a more decided and a stronger colour and therefore suitable for boys. On the other hand blue was perceived to be more suitable for girls because it was more delicate and prettier.  As far as i am concerned Boy or Girl all babies are beautiful and innocent, so why not pink coloured shawls to welcome whichever gender heaven sends our way.

From an adult’s perspective not all ladies, girls have pink as their favourite colour. I know of girls/ladies/women that are in love with many other colours other than the colour pink. I have friends who just love anything that comes in the colour red, from jewelleries to shoes, bags and cloths. Some are just in love with the colour of the vegetation- Green. I used to love anything that comes in the colour blue, still do. Once upon a time my wardrobe was filled with clothes in colour blue. However now I have added/blended a few other colours to my collection. I mean variety they say is the spice of life and I was tired of looking blue almost all the time. How come girls like me prefer the colour blue instead of pink? I know of teenage girls who simply refuse to have their rooms done in pink as suggested by their parents.
Come to think of it the colour pink features in the fashion world of men too. Visit a men’s cloth line and you’ll see what I mean. One would find a variety that comes in pink colour ranging from shirts, jackets, towels, shoes, running shoes, and snicker. Look around you and you’ll find a man wearing a pink shirt or pink tie. It has a nice feel to it. And of course some men wear pink bathrobes and use pink towels at home, only the rest of us are not privileged to see them in it…haa…haa…haa. So can we still say pink is a feminine colour?

Welcome Baby Girl : Photo Credit- Ruth Stitt