Thank you for Being a Part of my Blogging Journey in 2017

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It’s been 12 great months in the blogosphere with you my readers, followers, friends in the blogging community, everyone who popped in once in a while 😀💝. You all made 2017 an enjoyable worthwhile blogging season. Gracias(Spanish)… Thank you… Nagode(Hausa) … E se pupo(Yoruba)… Merci… Dankubel(Dutch-not sure about the spelling, pardon me). I will really love to say thank you in your language so please share with me in the comment box below.

I look forward to a great and better experience with you as we step into 2018. May you have a beautiful year ahead.

Loads of love
Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Looking for Bloggers in Ibadan – URGENT

Are you a blogger or know any blogger who lives in Ibadan? An opportunity to make a difference and meet a notable organization seeking your creative writing skills is just one step away.

Its an opportunity to network and meet people who will enhance what you do.

Please get in touch with me via my email – ASAP. Send in your details, your name, phone number and blog address. Thank you… Spread the word.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Interesting, Inspiring and fabulous blogs I follow…Reach Out Spread the Love…that’s how we all Grow #3

CONNECTING WITH PPLMandy Stifler: I love this thoughts on friendship: “The most essential ingredient of a successful friendship is unconditional care and love for your friend. Fights and misunderstandings will always occur in a friendship but the thing that matters the most is to resolve the issue as soon as possible by talking straight forwardly to your friend about it”.

Lynz Real CookingA mother/grandmother, a great cook with great recipes on her blog…her stories inspire me. Visit her page to make a new friend and see her world.

A Thomas Point of View: Meet Tikeetha as she shares Dating gists/tips, Parenting tips and lots of other interesting stories.

DebwasHere: She is down to earth, full of life. Learn a few things about keeping things real.

Ajay VjasIt takes only a smile to make a dark day shine.

Nikki’s Confetti Life – Some of  what you’ll get on this page: Photography,  travels, friendships. Beautiful photos…

Meet Akeem on African Apparells for Export. A new, interesting world.

Amy Chhabra has a Fashion and Beauty blog– “Fashionize” and beautify your life.

Want to know how parenting as a step mother works visit “Not The Average Mama blog”

Have a great weekend!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


Check out my new interesting blogger friends & connect…They rock my world and blogosphere. Reach out, Spread the love…that’s how we all grow#2

This post is about appreciating new “blogger friends, connect and followers”. I’ll post five new bloggers every week until I get to everyone. Hopefully the number will keep increasing. Please take a few minutes to visit their blogs and connect with a new friend. #Step out; reach out, spread the love…that’s how we all grow. Please Use this tag when commenting on any of the blogs you visit from this page.  CONNECTING WITH PPL

ReDiscover at 40 – A motivational and inspiring blogger. I felt lifted when I visited her blog.

Cezane & Michelle – They’ve got Great articles that motivates and shows you how to handle certain  issues and I am overwhelmed by their “likes” and visit to my page. Keep doing what you do guys…I mean your posts…someone is getting better for it.

Ashdapoet – A quote i took  away from my recent visit “it’s okay for people to take care of themselves, and love themselves”.- Its a pocket full of love blog.

Inner Ramblings Boulevard – Great love poems that oils your love life.

Thegirlthatdreamsawake – Loads of fun and happy stories.

Let’s keep sharing the love and supporting one another!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)