My Personal Easter Story… Childhood Memories

First let me wish you a Happy Easter!!

Ololade Adetunji’s Easter art work.

This morning I mused over my childhood’s thoughts about Easter. Did you ever thought that Jesus had to take a trip from heaven to die on the Cross every year?! 🐶

Favour Onoja’s Cross and Open tomb art work.

I actually used to be sad on Good Fridays… I felt terrible as a child that He had to go over this routine every year… Hmmm little did I know that it was a one time experience for him. My mum made it even scarier when we had to go through the ritual of not eating any animal whether fish or meat on Good Fridays. It was about honoring Christ by not eating anything with blood. 😀

Now I know that His trip to the Cross was a once and for all journey that accomplished the great purpose of showing God’s amazing love to me and everyone else.

Now I am so Glad that He is alive!!

Now He lives in my heart and not just on the pages of my Bible that I was advised to put under my pillow in those days … Reason to chase witches and wizards away. 😀😀😀

The journey of Jesus Christ to the Cross and back wins for me a great victory over all the powers of the enemy.

There is life, hope, mercy, love, a new beginning, freedom, joy in having Jesus in your heart.

Have a fabulous Easter!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Arrows Pierced Her Heart: Her Pain, The World’s FREEDOM


The joy of any mother is to watch her toddler grow up to become a grown man or woman fulfilling his or her potential. How is it then that a woman conceives a child that would later be a source of heart wrenching pain?

The story of this one woman makes me to ask a question
Do we birth a child only to give him/her up for humanity?
As women we hold our babies so close to our heart and watch over their growth. No matter how much we love them they would leave the nest one day. But a mother is at ease and rest when she knows that her children are safe wherever they might be.

They say no one is here on earth without a purpose. So every child born into planet earth has a purpose designed by the creator.
This woman in my story received news that her baby had a great purpose that would change the course of history…her baby’s purpose would save humanity but in fulfilling this assignment her heart will be pierced with arrows. Difficult future to look forward to but she hanged on hoping for the best.

Her baby arrived the world and his birth brought strange men and signs to her home. His life was threatened even as a baby but divine intervention saved him. Her baby grew up to become a man and became a source of joy to many but an object of envy, jealousy and hatred to the leadership of her day. She watched on and prayed so hard that her son will be safe.

One day while at home, she heard the news; her worst fear, the prophecy about her child had come to pass. She braced up herself for what was to come. Her baby…for he was still her baby even though he was a grown man went through a most horrifying torture. He was bleeding all over, she wanted to use her shawl to wipe the blood and touch his head to sooth him but the soldiers would pushed her away. She hit her face in the sand but quickly she gets up again and followed on in the crowd as her son was been led to the slaughter.

Her friends tried to drag her away, it was a sight a mother should never see but she was determined to watch him fulfill his purpose…she had to be there to say I am with you, I support you even though my heart is torn in different directions.

Finally their eyes locked…mother and son. His eyes said mother I am doing this for you and the entire world’s freedom. She understood but she couldn’t stop the pain from squeezing her heart out. He reached out to her through his voice …”woman behold your son”. She turned towards the direction of his eyes, the disciple whom he loved was standing there. This time she bent over with her hands covering her face weeping profusely and her new son held her in an embrace.

Soon the sky grew grey and thunder lighted up the sky in quick successions. She heard her son in a loud voice crying out…”It is finished”. He gave up the ghost. Her son gave humanity life through his death. Days later she heard news of his resurrection.

You want to have fresh start in life in spite of all the mess in your life?

You want to have new meaning and fulfill your purpose?

You are hurting so badly and need healing?

You want to live forever and never know sorrow and pain again? Then simply believe.


For God so loved the world that he gave his only son(Jesus) That whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Here is a prototype prayer I said so many years ago that gave me purpose and changed my life giving me the assurance of God’s love and eternal life:

Heavenly father thank you for sending Jesus to give me freedom from sin, pain and sorrow. Clean up my mess, forgive me of my sin, give me new purpose, give me a fresh start, heal my pain and hurt, deliver me from this addiction. Lord I believe and accept your love and freedom in Jesus.

Happy Easter – We can all have a new beginning.
Adebisi Adetunji