How Suffering & Pain can become a Springboard for Great things – Corrie Ten Boom

In my tribe (Yoruba) we have a saying, Ibere Ogun la ri, a ki mo ipari e”. Literal translation – We only see the beginning of a war but no one knows how it will end. War brings with it so much misery, horror, pain, sorrow, and suffering. Therefore war is never good news.

This story happened during World War II which took place between 1st September 1939 and 2nd September 1945. It was a terrible long 6years battle that left many casualties of both dead and wounded. Many lost dear family members and loved ones carrying with their memories the horrors of that time. Many books on different accounts of experiences during the war have been written. While in Secondary School I first read one of such books, a biography of Corrie Ten Boom and her family’s horrible experience during World War II.

Her story left an indelible mark in my life and I must say it’s why I want to reach out to others and do some of the things I do now.

Corrie Ten Boom was born into a Dutch family who lived in Holland. The family was in the watch making business and they were Christians. Their happy family life was disrupted by events in the Second World War. It was during this time that the Nazi Holocaust took place. Jews were targeted and selected to be sent to concentration camps and killed at the gas chambers. Corrie’s family helped to hide many Jews in their home in order to protect them from these horrible mass murders.

Unfortunately, Corrie and her family were caught doing this act of kindness. They were arrested and sent to prison. Many of her family members died. Corrie and her older sister Betsie were sent to a political concentration camp. The horror they experienced at the camp was more than anything they ever imagined. But their faith in God kept them going. These women were made to do lots of hard work after which they held secret services using a Bible they had managed to sneak in.

They watched as women, children and men were sent to the gas chambers naked and life was choked out of them. Many were thrashed with whips naked. Later Betsie died leaving only Corrie behind. Before she died she left Corrie with these words, “There is no pit so deep that He (God) is not deeper still”.

I am reminded of the words of a hymn:
In the hollow of his hands
In the Hollow of his hands
I am saved whatever may betide me
In the hollow o his hands

Two weeks later Corrie was released just a few days to when women in her age group were to be sent to the gas chambers. The awesome ways of the Almighty God. Corrie’s story did not end with her past pain of sorrow and suffering instead she carried a new torch of life and hope to light every broken heart in her pathway.

Corrie after the war set up refugee houses in the Netherlands which became a rehabilitation center for concentration camp survivors. It also sheltered other jobless Dutch people. Corrie traveled the world sharing her story and wrote many books bringing the message of hope, over and salvation to many.
Corrie died on her 91st birthday in 1983. She is an example of how much suffering can become a ladder and springboard to doing great things.

God can use our pains and suffering to bring the best things in our lives just like Joseph in the Bible.

Today been Good Friday is known as the Passion of Christ by Christians. It is a time we remember His journey to the Cross, his pain, and deep suffering. We celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ every Easter. It was a difficult journey but it birthed the salvation of mankind from sin. This great sacrifice was done over two thousand years ago but the world continues to benefit from that great sacrifice.

Jesus Christ’s suffering brings healing, hope, and love to everyone who would open the door of his or her heart.

Sometimes we wonder ask ourselves why God allows painful things to happen. The question is this: what part did you and me as human beings play to bring that suffering or pain? A man gets drunk and goes off to kill an innocent victim on the road. We hate and are greedy; we want to control things and others and do not care by what means we get what we want. This hurts a lot of people. Our actions as humans destroy others and beautiful things around us. GOD is in the business of fixing us and situations. He extends his loving hands offering us hope and a better life as we allow him to take charge of things and lead us to the right path.

Do you know how to turn your suffering and pain into great blessings?

It starts with handing it all over to the one who knows your beginning and your end. Hand over the pains and the suffering to Jesus He is a great fixer. He knows how to bring beauty out of your ashes.

Just pray this simple prayer:
Dear Jesus, I come with my pains, suffering, and past hurts. I don’t know how to fix things again but I heard you can. I believe that your suffering on the cross was done to fix me and my situation. Come into my life and take over. In your holy name, I pray.

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