Woman – to – Woman Talk #15: Evening Dresses/Gowns in Market Places & Office?

There are dresses for the different occasion. Sometimes while driving around or taking a stroll I come upon a lady wearing what I call, “an evening gown” in broad daylight!! This kind of dress will make even fellow women who have a dress sense to turn and say haha…ki leleyi? (What is this?).

The most interesting part of it all is that the lady/woman in question will be feeling like on-top of the world. Haba! This scenario also shows up in the office space sometimes. How do you react to a colleague who shows up at work in a nice evening dress on Monday morning o?! Please, ladies, there are appropriate dresses meant for a different occasion.

Just because you saw your favorite actress on a television set wearing a particular kind of dress that you fell in love with doesn’t mean when you do get it, then you show up at work with it. Are you trying to make a statement? Well, you did but in a way, you didn’t intend.

I am not perfect in this dress sense thing but I do try my best to look good for an occasion appropriately. Ask if you don’t know.

So what I’m I saying here? Wear appropriate clothes to appropriate places o before you start to look like a clown. Ask and keep asking if you don’t know. Google has made it easy just type in, “clothes for the office”; “clothes for when going to the market”; “clothes for exercising”, “clothes for a Gala night” etc.

Cheers enjoy your weekend!!

Photo Credit : Pink Queen  – In case you are looking for lovely evening gowns.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Woman to Woman Talk #13 – Watch that Artificial Eye Lashes… I Found out something #Harmful

Looking good is good business they say. I am for looking good but hey,  how harmful can it get sometimes?

The history of Artificial or false eyelashes dates back to the 18th century. However,  in 1916 it was believed to be made popular by an American film director known as W. Griffti  who used artificial eyelashes to help make the eyes of an actress to shine boldly in a film. Since then the use of artificial eyelashes has become popular amongst actresses, celebrities and the fashion industry. So basically women use artificial eyelashes to have fuller and bolder lashes and look. It is a beauty enhancer.

It is trending now at least in Nigeria for women to enhance their beauty by fixing artificial eyelashes. Trust ladies when there is party or “owanbe” as we say in Yoruba women visit their salon or beauticians to give them an entirely new look that makes a statement. Nothing wrong with looking your best and being fashionable but hey when it might constitute a danger to you, time to stop and think again!

And then again I see women who get their eyelashes fixed with artificial ones and the glue on one end of it dries up faster such that it doesn’t hold that end to the lids. I say that makes such a woman look a little off her fashion statement (sort of rough).

Exactly where am I going with this? I want to share a little of what I have lately learned about the dangers inherent in the use of artificial eyelashes.

What is the original purpose/function of our natural eyelashes?

It is to protect the eyes from dust, moisture and dirt.

Harmful effects of using artificial eyelashes

  • The glue used to attach false eyelashes to the eyelids contains chemicals that can be harmful to your eyes. It can cause irritation/allergy.
  • Most artificial eyelashes are longer and fuller than the natural one and this result into increase in air flow around the eyes. Dust gathers and settles more on your eye lids which is harmful to your sight.
  • Artificial eyelashes are comfortable ground for bacteria to fester because of it gives room for dirt to gather.
  • Constant and continuous use of false/artificial eyelashes can lead to loss of sight when the eye is exposed to chemicals from the glue, dirt and bacteria.
  • Artificial eyelashes can damage your natural ones and hinder its growth. Attempts to remove fixed lashes can uproot your natural eyelashes in the process.
  • There are least 10 or more dangers of using false eyelashes.

Your Vision is important. It is your window to the see the world. You cannot afford to be careless with your vision in the name of fashion.

Watch it and if you must use an artificial/false eyelashes get professionals to help you fix yours.  Understand how long you should have them on. Experts say that fixed eyelashes should be removed before going to bed every night and advised against  the use of long lasting ones. So if you cannot have it removed that day stay away from using them.

Abeg, Oju ni alakan fi nso ori o!

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No to Sugar Daddy: Fashion & Beads

Some girls wait for a Sugar Daddy to give them handouts such as money, provisions, cloths and sometimes cars…hmmm. My people(Yoruba) have a saying  “ohun to nbe leyin efa o ju eje lo” Literal meaning: the numbers that come after 6 goes beyond number 7. It can connote “All that glitters is not gold”, “Be careful of that serpent that plays good music in your ears”; “Be wise” and more depending on the context of use.

Well Jolivia,( i call her Wunmi) is one young lady who has decided to pay attention to her studies and also went further to acquire a skill in bead making.

She learned this skill while still an undergraduate in order to augment her allowance. I featured her story in an earlier post Beads Accessories Trending: Jolivia’s collections.

Finally Jolivia has bagged her degree and is off to participate in the NYSC scheme of the next batch. A big congratulations from femininematerz. Keep aiming higher girl as you are on your way to becoming a Big Success and a CEO too!

Girls – Harness you gifts and talents. Go learn a skill and pursue an education…the world is waiting for the manifestation of  your unique quality. There is more to you Girl!!!

New designs by Jolivia Beads.





Catch Jolivia on  http://www.instidy.com/joliviabeads
BB Pin: 52FOA857 to order for your stylish beads.

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Orange Color making a Fashion Statement

DSC05387Its Fashion Friday and we are splashing orange colored attires celebrating the 16 days activities against all forms of violence against women and girls! Spice your wardrobe with new styles of orange attires.

Gorgeous striped orange and black dress

Orange attire 4


Business/Office Orange wear

ORange attire and accessories 3

Orange India  Elegant Safari attire

Orange attire 2

Lovely Orange Evening Gown

Orange attair 1

Orange Iro & Buba

Iro and Buba

Nice and simple Orange mixed with white dress

Orange attire 5


Exquisite and elegant African Orange wedding attire

African Orange wedding dress 6

Photo Credits:

Pinterest  Orange outfits /Office wear

Battle of gowns Both Sridevi and Madhuri
Best Dressed Bollywood Wedding Guests

Glam Radar

Chevron Dresses

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Colours you might like to try for your wedding


Imagine a Wedding without colours…no way! In fact the first thing a lady begins to shop for in magazines is a theme colour and a style for her wedding dress. And trust me the lady usually wins in the choice of the theme colour. Just what informs the choice of a wedding colour?

People will first think of their best colour, and then later be influenced by current trendy colours….so lets splash a few colours from weddings i witnessed to give you something to work with

Royal  blue and Tomato Red nicely matched


A blend of baby blue and pink


Lemon, yellow & white




Pink & turquoise blue


Photo Credit 1: 10 Hot wedding colours

Photo Credit 2: Nigerian wedding colours archive

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Oleku – Old school Fashion Trending

Oleku is the Iro and Buba from the 60’s.

Oleku 6os

It is a wrapper(Iro) tied to reach just above the knee and a short sleeve Buba hand. In fact it is what you can call a mini- wrapper just like what is known as a mini skirt. Modern day ladies used to make fun of the older generation when viewing photos of their mum’s Oleku attire including yours sincerely(me). But its amazing how we have now found the oleku style tasteful in modern times. It is now a fashion statement at various occasions.Oleku 1
Oleku is a smart way of wearing the  Buba and Iro attire which was traditionally worn elegantly by tying the wrapper to reach the ankle in length and the Buba is worn as a long sleeve.

Iro and Buba

The length of the wrapper might still be big in size , all the wearer has to do is to stylishly tie it to the preferred length above the knee.

Oleku 2

There are different fabrics that can be used to sew the Oleku style. Fabrics like lace, ankara, Aso ofi would do just fine.

Describing the word Oleku in the English language from my point of view can mean smashing, prim, proper and cute way of wearing the traditional Iro and Buba style. Or simply a statement of an out of the ordinary way of wearing a common style.

Word Glossary

Iro: The Yoruba language word for wrapper( A wide metres of cloth tied around the waist)

Buba: It is the Yoruba word for a blouse worn on a wrapper

Lace: An open delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in a weblike pattern.

Ankara: African print fabric which comes various colourful patterns.

Aso Ofi: Traditionally woven Yoruba cloth used to make different attires.

Photo Credit 1-Nollyview

Photo Credit 2Skinnyhipster

Photo Credit 3 -Toke : beatingbeats

Photo Credit 4 Iamfar

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Hats and Styles


No matter what your taste is….there is always a hat for you. So if you want to achieve a different and stylish look throw on a hat


Different types of hats fits into different occasion and seasons:

Summer hats


Beach hats


Winter hats

Winter hats 2Winter hats 3

Winter hats


wedding hats

Wedding hatsWedding Hat

cozy hats for cold days

Cozy hat 1COZY HATS 2

Occasion hats

Ocassion hatsOcassion hats 2


So throw on a hat to complement your dressing and style ladies!

Photo Credits: Subeta Summer Hat

Winter Hats – Winterfashionhouse

Wedding Hat – Derby Hats Pinterest, Fascinators hats

Cozy Hats  Flipeez Hats

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Ori – Great Skin and Hair Moisturizer


If you are thinking of getting something more natural to care for your skin and hair then Ori is what you are looking for. Ori is a milky white or ivory-colored fat extract from the African Shea tree. The fruit nut of the Shea butter nut contains a fatty substance naturally in it. This substance is Rich in Vitamin A, E and F which helps to maintain healthy skin.  The Ori tree has many benefits/uses:

i)Its fruit can be eaten

ii) It produces oil that can be used to cook meals

ii) Ori after been extracted can be used as a body and hair cream

Hair care


Ori used as a hair cream helps to soften hair texture.  When mixed with Adiagbon(Virgin coconut oil or Olive oil it moisturizes the scalp and hair. It also helps to achieve hair growth,  a silky texture and shine.



Skin Care

Ori after been extracted can be used as a body cream.  Many body creams , soaps contain ori (Shea butter). This means the cosmetic industry thrives on Ori.


Ori is also good for taking care of burns, helps to remove scars, stretch marks, rashes eg Ifo, Ela, Used to treat acne.

Photo Credit 1: I appreciate Kamadora.com, hauschka.com, allthingsherbal.com, tonipayneonline.com &  madrelabs.com.

Thanks to An ardent user of Ori, Abiola Adebisi who posed for these pictures.

Word Glossary

Ori: Shea Butter

Eela:  Clear white or Reddish skin spots common to babies

Ifo:  Eczema

Adebisi Adetunji