Stellamaris Nigerian Dish: Okro Soup (Ila Alasepo)

Guest Post: From time to time, hopefully weekly, you’ll be learning a few recipes from Stellamaris Kitchen. GOD IS GREATShe is from Delta State in the South, South area of Nigeria. This lady loves cooking and her local dishes are tasteful and delicious. She is always on radio teaching  about a variety of meals one can try out to spice meal times at home. In the office we enjoy her nicely spiced Zobo drink.

Zobo Drink and leaf
Zobo Drink

Enough of my introductions let’s get down to learning a local soup dish from her


Okro Soup (Ila alasepo)

Okrookra soup

Ingredients: Okro 
Assorted meat(beef, liver, shaki)
Palm oil
Dried fish(smoked fish)
Ugwu leaf(pumpkin), Bitter leaf, Efirin(Scent leaf)
Grind pepper (dry/fresh)
Salt & seasoning

Grind Crayfish
Seasoning cube
Ugwu/Pumpkin leaf

Method of preparation:
*Wash and grate the okro
*Wash your assorted meat and boil properly spiced
*Clean the dried fish and remove the bone
*Wash and cut the pumpkin leaf
*Wash the bitter leaf with salt in order to get rid of the bitter taste
*Take a little quantity of the scent leaf (Efirin), wash and slice it into tiny pieces.
*Wash ponmo, slice it then add it to the boiling meat on the stove.
* Add the pepper, dried fish, crayfish, palm oil and seasoning to the boiling meat
*Next add the grated okro and stir to mix properly. Allow to boil a little
*Add all the cut vegetable leaves(scent, pumpkin & bitter leaves) into the mixture, allow to steam for a minute and turn off the gas/stove.

Serve your okro soup with Amala(Yam flour paste), pounded yam, wheat, eba or fufu. DSC_0000054DSC_0000058

Photo Credit: 1) Zobo Drink for heart health

2) Okro  3) Okro Soup

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