Summer Holiday Art – Our Living Room is Looking Good! 🙌🌹 #Humour

Tick… Tock... ⏰Schools Resume this September in Nigeria… I know that feeling of sorting out school fees as a parent… Don’t worry it will all be sorted out.

What fun thing did your kids do this summer holiday? Mine had a mix blend of subject coaching : a little bit of traveling and an art workshop to wrap it all up.

Sitting in our living room are these two beautiful art products… 👏👏 OK giving it up to the two artists… David and Ololade my two angels. 

Now they are busy checking out their new school text books… The excitement I don’t get… Last night they almost slept with these books on their bed… Maybe it’s a “book hug” thing… Lol😀😀

Praying that the Lord’s blessings and protection will rest on all our children as they resume a new school year.

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A Boxing Day Humor & Lesson

Boxing is the day after Christmas when people get to share gifts with their loved ones and friends.

In Nigeria, some of us cook our rice whether fried or Jollof and share with neighbors instead of doing this on Christmas day. The reason been that everyone will be busy attending Christmas service on the 25th of December and probably attending to immediate family.

So here I was delighted to package a gift for a family dear to mine. By the way I won’t share with you what the gift was… 😀😀Hmmm feeling good about sharing love oooo… Only to find out that I had mistakenly packaged a gift meant for someone else and given to another. Now I found myself replacing the gift with a precious gift I had earlier received as my Christmas present and I so cherished it.

Well how did the mix up happen? I guess I wasn’t paying attention. You see we had a family wedding this weekend, two days before Christmas and I had to juggle going to the market and planning for both feeding guests in my house and the reception!! So here I was having to reurn the gift to the original owner only my own precious gift was the replacement 😨.

It wasn’t funny but I learned a few minutes ago that I shouldn’t hold too tightly to anything. God gently nudging my heart and asking if that gift was too precious to give away. I  guess that’s the message of Christmas! After all He (God) gave his only begotten son to the world!

OK… So that’s how my own boxing Day went amidst attending to wedding guests of my brother in-law who were still in my house. Hope you’ve had a fabulous day amidst the fuel scarcity we are experiencing in Nigeria on! 😎

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Tips to Kick Start Your Week #2 – Mundane Monday

This is what we got for breakfast at a workshop. 

Yeah trust my fellow Nigerian clan… Meat pie, fish roll and one meat plus a cup of tea is an appetizer! 😀😀.

Correct breakfast is a full plate of beans and plantain and for some a big bowl of eba or fufu… 😂😂 will suffice for the whole day. 

So here we were at the workshop praying that lunch time will come quickly as our stomachs rumbled.

Welcome to a brand new week. It is a  week filled with new possibilities.

What you need do to have a successful week.

  • Be optimistic,
  • write a few points on things you want to achieve
  • Go for it

While you are reeving “your engine” and charging up to run this week’s race remember…

  • Remember to take a good breakfast before setting out in the morning.
  • Remember to take a break in between your tasks for the day.
  • Remember to rest and sleep well at night.
  • Remember to take care of yourself as well as you do with work.

It is not what you are going to do that matters but what you are doing now – Napoleon Hill 

Enjoy your week!
Adebisi Adetunji (C) BusyBee Media for Social Change and Development. 


Settling in at the Office after a Break

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read, comment, like or just being invisible but perusing my blog page. Really do appreciate you.😘😘

This week had me settling in and attending to work assignments after my annual vacation.


Ask me how that went? Oh well… A mixed bag of fun with my children and I on a visit to grandpa’s farm; building a tree house etc.

Then I sat down developing an FGMC radio drama serial script. In between, I published some posts on my blog

Then I started to feel bored staying at home and resting… Can you imagine… I should be grateful for the vacation o!

Resumption of Work 

Guess what?  Now that I have resumed work,  I sincerely miss the relaxed schedule and time I had.

Now I am in the middle of working with a team planning for the 2017 world elders day celebration organized by my media organization – the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Ibadan Zonal Station … Looking forward to giving our senior citizens a memorable day come 2nd October. You don’t want to know what this assignment entails… Lots of letter writing, brain storming session, sourcing for funds/sponsorship… Etc. The Theme for International Older Persons Day: “Stepping into the future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions, and participation of older persons in the society”.

Then I am back already co-presenting on a live family show. I so missed my “radio husband”… Together we mirror the stresses of couples/family life and get solutions from our dear audience

That’s not all… I seem to be saddled with producing all the health & fitness programs on my station… So here I am on resumption worrying about scheduling studio recordings for the physiotherapy group in Oyo State and this other gym guy who wants to wake listeners up early in the morning to exercise… 😸🙅😀

Still trying to work with my story writing partner on the way forward with a new drama series… So you see resuming work after a long vacation is not something to look forward to sometimes📚📚📚😀😀

But hey work I must and I am grateful for the gift of work. So please bear with me if I am not able to publish as often. But as soon as I am done settling in I will do more Posts. Well, tomorrow might just find me ready to publish a post! Hahaha.

I will also catch up on reading posts from my blogging friends and community. Missed reading your engaging and fun posts.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Dear Parents were you always First in School? Submit your Report Card to Me!! 😀😂Do Something Different to Help Your Child.

Students at the speeches & Sounds schools competition.

Trust us, Nigerian parents, some of us would say something like this after a Prize Giving Day ceremony:

Parent: Romoke, does John have two heads?
Child: No daddy
Parent: If so, why is he the one getting all the prize?!
Child: But Daddy…
Parent: Don’t daddy me in my days I always came first in class (LMAO)

Most parents would not readily admit to the fact that they had challenges passing exams or scoring a good mark while earlier in their school days. Mostly we want our children to get good grades, in fact, get straight A’s in all subjects. And when you attend the end of year prize giving day you cringe on your seat when you see a particular girl/boy being called forward to receive the first prize for taking the first position in about 6 subjects including maths and English. Then you take a peep at your child wishing he/she is the one being accorded such honor that you would have made you a proud parent of a very brilliant child! Hey, nothing wrong with wanting your child to do well and excel in his/her academics. BUT…

Please, dear dad/mum submit your school report sheet and let’s see if you actually came first or you were just an average student or even the last!!

Stop comparing your child with his/her siblings or other people’s children. Every child has his/her strength.

Some children are good at analytical thinking and would do very well with calculations while some are story tellers who will do well in social sciences. Some others are simply creative and would do well in the arts. Build on the strength of your child.
Now that schools are on holidays and we are preparing to resume another school year, help your child do better.

DOs & DON’Ts
Stop speaking down on your child. He/she is not olodo(dullard). Say positive things to your child and tell him/her that they can do better.
Look through his/her report sheet. It will give you an idea of his/her strength and where they need help. Stop looking at your child’s position in class instead look at how scores of subjects can be improved.
Don’t give up on your child; believe that he/she has a bright future. Somebody believed in you in the past and that is why you are where you are today. It could have been a teacher or your parents.
If your child is going to SS1 where students are sent to arts, science or commercially oriented classes please do not insist on him/her being in Science class when that child’s strength lies in the art or commercial class.
Don’t be deceived, just because your child scores high in all the subjects (arts & science) then you push him/her to follow in your footsteps. Study your child’s skills, talents, and interests and encourage him/her along that line.
If a school is not right for your child, change it. Your child doesn’t have to go to the school all your friend’s children went or are enrolled in.

Help for Children with learning disability/difficulties/Slow learners: In case your child has challenges with learning, for example, he/she keeps failing almost all subjects and it is a recurrent thing then you need help. Do not be ashamed to seek professional advice, help, and support for your child.

Here two service providers that can help:
1) Taiwo Adeyanju Center : Offering services in assessing, counseling and therapy for Children with special needs such as learning disabilities/difficulties. Helps to promote social, mental, education and vocational well-being of children.

Website :
Phone Number : 08065798289, 07081431994,
Address: 10 Lala Avenue, Off Adenuga Street Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State.

2) Diamond Psychological Consult & Services : Offers services in a) psychological assement of a child/persons intelligence (IQ test), language skills, personality. b) Therapy and counselling


Phone no: 08079905834, 08128276962

Address: No 2, Sonel Bonei Way, Salami Estate Rd, New Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo state.

Email –

Twitter: @moordiamond

Adebisi Adetunji(C)

Humour: Two Determined Waring Goats #getittogetherng

There  I was in this neighborhood on a community awareness trip on Family Planning gathering information and then came this drama. While speaking to a tailor and his wife  who is nursing a baby here were these two baby goats trying out the strength of their young heads.

They stood facing each fiercely like they were competing for something for a few seconds. Then they will move towards each other like a slow motion in a movie and knocked each other’s head together as hard as they could. They did thus over and over again.

We were really amused.

My team and I made various comments. And I said its like these goats have a full stomach so they are trying to expend their energies. Like little children when hunger sets in they will go looking for their mother for some breast milk and possibly food waist from dustbins in the neighborhood. And the fight continued!! 😂 we watched laughing and I took photos of the two waring goats… But they were not even scared of me nor my camera… Hahaha

Like these two determined goats couples need to make an informed choice and take steps towards planning for the future of their families.

Children will play and make demands of their needs from parents so plan for the number you can adequately cater for. 

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Dear Diary…Emotionally disturbed…TBEE Writes #10


I tried so hard to meet the Monday edition of this post but couldn’t…So sorry if you have been following the story of TBEE…Here it is now…Thank you for following.

Dear Diary features on this blog Mondays & Wednesdays


jotterThe drama in the early hours of this morning left me shaken. My thought was disoriented as I lay in my bed staring at my pink and blue flowery wall. My beautiful wallpaper which always brought a smile to my face didn’t have the power to do that at the moment.

I was really upset and sad that my dad had caught me right in the arms of my boyfriend DT while walking like two love beds in my tightly fitted mini dress. I was supposed to be in my room in the hostel, sleeping or at least awake cleaning at 6 a.m. on a Saturday like other girls. The disappointed and pained look on my father’s face kept coming back like pictures from a movie scene.

Dear Diary I expected Dad to raise his voice and give me a good lecture about how he had raised me up as a good Christian girl. At home when we misbehaved we usually got lessons from scriptures in the Holy Bible. God help you…if dad was in a good mood you will only have to recite like… ten verses of scriptures if not you are going to write down and memorize like twenty Bible verses. By the time you are done you would have preferred a good spanking to the rigor. It always left you sober but this made us learn verses in advance for the day of “discipline”.

But this morning my dad was different…his eyes said I raised you better than this. As soon as DT sneaked away, I stood there in front of dad expecting the backlash but instead, there was dead silence. Although one or two cars drove past us it felt like we were the only two people standing in the world. Father and daughter stood there facing each other. My head was bowed down in embarrassment but when no words came from my father I had to lift my head to look at him…my eyes were pleading with him to understand that I was young and just wanted to have some fun.

My father made a U-Turn, opened the car door, hopped in  and drove off without looking at me. I stood there in the cold watching as his car sped off leaving a big gap between us. I felt a lump in my throat and wanted to cry but the tears won’t come. I gathered the little strength I had left and forced my feet to move towards my hostel. Exhausted from the all night dancing and emotional drain of meeting dad in the parking lot I slammed myself on my made bed.

You see I love my dad and really didn’t want him to misunderstand me. “I am not a prodigal daughter”…I said aloud to myself. Then the tears flowed down my face. I had a good cry and was not happy. Throughout the day I refused to do my usual Saturday cleaning. I just didn’t have the strength to do it. DT did call to find out how things turned out between me and Dad. I mumbled a few senseless words and he said he’ll come over to check on me later. Now how am I going to settle this mess? An idea came…Yes

Moms always know what to do. When I called mom she had all the details from my dad already. She had just four words for me…”I am coming over”. She sounded even more disturbed than I was. They say a well-behaved child belongs to the father but a bad one is the mother’s headache. Is mom having a headache because of me? Who knows what Dad might have said to her.

Okay, I am bracing myself for the meeting at least I’ll get to explain my side of the story and get her to placate dad. Still waiting for Mum but I have managed to clean up and eat a little food. I better warn DT not to come see me today, I don’t want him and mom to meet o…that would be another saga!

Dear Diary writing this down sort of really calmed me. Now all I have to do is wait.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


bend-down-boutiqueHow many of us did patronize a bend down boutique…hahaha… caught you there. I did and some of those clothes are as good as brand new as we say… “Grade A”. That means clothes still with their label tags from overseas of course.

I remember going very early with my mother to the bend down boutique market while still growing up. We would wake up very early and be in the market as early as 7 a.m. My mother knew how to get the Grade A clothes. She will get a good number for us and plan to sell the others to those who would buy from her later.

When we get home we would wash our Grade A dresses, sun dry them then Iron to leave nice line “gaiters”. Hehehe …who would know that they were “Bend down boutique dresses”?

Some people while admiring our dresses would say, “hey, your dress is so beautiful, you must take me to where you bought them”. The next question will be, “how much did you buy it”? No way would I tell them that it cost N300…! Yes o, the gist is that I will mention a real boutiques shop’s price back then N3000 -Three thousand Naira…! And it is always from USA, UK, and Dubai brand…hehehe who is deceiving who?

No wahala, so long as we got to look nice in our bend down boutique dress who cares!

If you can’t afford expensive boutique clothes hey, wear your bend down jare and look prim and proper. Afterall no one need know.
Enjoy your Friday!!

Bend Down Boutique: Affordable Fairly used or factory condemned clothes. They are clothes spread on a mat or packed in bags for people to take their pick and buy from.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Funny & Weird things I heard today

img_20170118_062735I was watching a sitcom titled Dogood. A restaurant.. Lady servers where on strike because the work load was too much. On return here is one of their condition for continuing to work : “We must Collide to do the work”.
How will you they get anything done if they collide… 😎😎
And they want to be entitled to three square meal per day with “2 Triangle meat on top of their food!🐙.

A TV comedy Show : A customer ordered : I want cow leg –
Waiter: Does my leg look like cow leg…? 😒😒

In a court… Woman says the court should allow her rape her violator back to get justice!!?

On Facebook a friend joked about a new dangerous snake that had just been discovered. Nothing can kill it except it bites itself… Guess what?! It is the snake in your Nokia phone!! 🐶🐶😂


Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Daring to get into an oversized Shoe



She looked at her mummy on heels and giggled. Her little mind said:

“This mummy’s shoes makes such nice sound …”ko,ko, ka”. I must wear them”.

It was play time and there was mummy’s shoes sitting comfortably on the shoe rack. Giggling and laughing she raises her little hands and down came the shoes thudding on the ground. Her little feet enters the shoes…

“Yeeeh at last, i am wearing mummy’s shoes”!!!

Mummy seeing her little girl in her shoes shock her head smiling and saying to herself:

“The young shall grow”.

Do you remember your play time as a child? I did try both my dad and my mum’s shoes on my little feet. Imagine trying to walk in them…hee…hee. Yes…i stumbled and fell a few times but my little mind said i am winning this battle of fitting into an oversized shoe! 🙂

Leadership and Responsibilities: Sometimes you have to wear an oversized shoes. Like a little child you might stumble and fall but don’t give up. Soon your feet will fit the shoes.

This post was inspired by Daily Prompt: Daring

Adebisi Adetunji(C)