Happy Sunday… How to have a Happy Start on Monday

Here is wishing you a peaceful Sunday
But you’ve got to prepare for a new week.

A quick reminder of things to do :
* My daughter or son will suddenly remember that their agricultural teacher asked them to plant a corn and I or their dad will just be hearing about it Sunday night while trying to relax in front of the TV! So to prevent this dramatic surprise make sure your kids have done their homework. They know how to leave this undone until Sunday night or early Monday morning. This will put you all in a cranky mode at the start of your week. Ask… Ask them… Check their note books to be sure.


* All school uniforms or dress to be worn to school needs to be clean and ironed.

* Be sure that their socks and underwears are clean. Don’t imagine that they are… Many socks get left in school bags only to be discovered on Sunday night!

* Plan for breakfast meal for the first day of school at least if you don’t like a whole week’s timetable. And plan for lunch school take away.

* Don’t be tempted to only plan for your children… Plan for yourself too. Sort your cloths for the week too. Iron… Iron so you don’t go looking scruffy to the office.

* Remember to pack your bag. Pack your ID card, credit card, key card… All the cards… You know what I mean. You know women change bags to match their outfit each time. It can be so annoying to find out that your driver’s license is in the hand bag you used yesterday just when Road safety or patrol police stop you while driving through town.

* If you can make a list of what needs to get done on Monday… Office stuff and home chores.

Now how in heavens name is one suppose to enjoy a peaceful Sunday with all these?!!
Yaayi… Life must go on but take time out to still relax. Have a great Monday and start of the week.img_20170129_124752

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

It’s Ok to Take Care of Yourself


Many women toil from “dawn to dawn” -By this phrase, I mean even at 2am, 3am, 4am some women are up working to feed their families. The woman who owns and runs a food canteen or is a food vendor must be up before the cock crows in order to be ready for her customers

As a career woman, she works hard at the office and her muscles ache all over her body. All she wants is to crash on a bed and sleep but no way as she opens the door to her home, she doesn’t even take off her clothes, sometimes even her shoes – kitchen work here I come!!! depositphotos_26021557-vector-cartoon-of-overworked-housewife

Family members are waiting to have dinner and guess what they want a meal that will take that extra effort. Imagine your husband talking about taking pounded yam at 10pm

marthapoundingyams…seriously “Mi o le wa ku o” (I can’t die o). I am blessed moi dear husband” does not make such demands.

My point here:

Woman, You Must really take of yourself; take care of your health. Have me time…find a day to lazy away doing something that you love and relaxing too.


Throw off your “busy hat”.

Ok I know its a week day but plan a me relaxing time soon!!!

Photo Credit: 1) InterfaceLift 2)Deposit Photos  2) Cornell College- Women Antiquity 3) Lips, Lashes Pro

Adebisi Adetunji (C)