Leadership is a Privilege: Open Letter to President Elect, Trump


It is not every day that i get to write to another country’s  president elect. Sounds like it is really none of my business but then again we are all connected somehow as humans no matter what continent we are from. So what happens on the other side of the divide can end up affecting me and everyone else postively or negatively. Case in point … Syria

So Indulge me ,Mr. Trump if i seem to make America’s leadership my business. I’d like to say a few words that i hope eventually gets to you. My own little way of lending my voice to having a better world for everyone hopefully.

A long time ago a poor orphaned slave girl became a wife to the most powerful leader in the world. Many women surpassed her in beauty and knowledge so she was far from been qualified. But as fate would have it the king chose her; it was her time and chance. She did not understand why she was the prefered choice of the king but soon enough an event tested her.
Her people faced annihilation from someone who hated them so badly. This orphan girl understood her assignment, she was ready to lay down her life for her people…Not holding tight to the privileged position pretending that it wasn’t her business.

This story sounds familiar? It is the story of a one time persian kingdom queen…Esther was her name.

Point of this story…There is a reason why you were chosen in spite of all that people thought and said about you…Time and chance has just happened for you.

I’d like to ask Mr. Trump a few questions:
All over the world people have concerns about what you will do with this privileged position that has just been handed to you.

Would you be fair and just?
Will your umbrella lovingly cover the less privileged in your country and around the world or will it go smashing on everyone’s head ?

Will you make wise decisions not based on how you feel but on what is best for your country and All?

Mr. Trump I am not an American but i believe you hold one of the “most powerful leadership postion known to the world today” for a reason beyond yourself. So I’d humbly say do not hold lightly the office you now occupy.
You now have the power to make the world a better place … then America can truly become greater.

Again I say…what are you going to do with this rare opportunity and privilege? The Ball is now in your Court.

Remember that what you do with it will go a long way to affect your generation yet unborn and the rest of the world negatively or positively.

Photo Credit: PeteLinforth

Yours sincerly from the other end of the world,

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


Letters image

This post was inspired by The Daily Post writing prompt titled, “Dear Mom”. It suddenly struck  me that i had taken the art of  writing letters to my loved ones for granted. I was further inspired by a post in response to this same matter written by a course mate on bloging101. I therefore decided to share my own thoughts on the matter hoping you’ll be inspired too.

The Old fashion art of writing letters  seems to have been thrown out of the window with the age of our ever evolving technological era. Many people find it easy to write letters that have a promised “benefit” or “reward”. An application letter though requires a lot of articulation and thoughtfulness is a must write for a job seeker. A proposal letter is also attractive because of the hope of getting a juicy contract or deal. “Yours sincerely”, is easy when a letter is written for one of these two reasons. When was the last time you wrote a letter that says something special about the people in your life? It could be your parents, friends, sisters/brothers, spouse,partner and so on and so forth. I and a couple of my female friends where complaining or should i say lamenting over how men just forget to write those love poems again to their wives as soon as they put a ring on her fingers (not engagement ring) …i mean a real wedding contract ceremony. We all gave different reasons laughing and giggling about it. It was funny but not also funny when reflecting upon some of these reasons: Too busy making money and trying to take care of the family; she would always be there; i tell her i love her verbally every now and then; the kids are getting in the way…and on goes the long list. This is not just about men,because i ask myself : when was the last time i actually wrote a love letter to my husband? A very…long…long time ago. The sad part is that we only send text messages to each other about who to pick the kids from school, what time we are getting off work, what stuff we need to purchase for the house…it is simply all about other things and people except ourselves. When was the last time you wrote a letter to your dad or mum telling them about how much you love and care about them? Guilty like me i guess! The quick excuse will be to say..oh but i speak to them on phone a lot so they should be ok.

Why do we need to go back to the old traditional art of writing letters to our loved ones? A saying comes to mind: ” the faintest pen is better than the sharpest memory”. Letters remind us when we forget about our deep love for each other. And believe me we all do forget. In times past when men and women still took the matter of writing letters seriously, i used to bring out all letters i had received and read them all over again. It was heart warming and up lifting to know what my family and friends thought of me.

So you don’t want to visit the post office to send a letter to a friend or loved one…who does that in this dispensation?! I get what you mean,our friends, family, colleagues are all a click away on the internet and phone. Yes you are correct…it is faster and easier but we make our relationships all the more special by sitting down to put pen to paper. A good old letter will be there to remind the people who matter in your life about your love for them when you are not there. Sometimes life can be cold, a memorable letter can warm up it in more ways than you and i know.

So  as i write this piece, i am giving myself an assignment to write a few letters to tell someone they matter in my life or at least remind them about past shared good old memories. Ok, so i should start with writing a letter to my husband because i haven’t done that in a long while… Who are you thinking about writing a letter to?