How I Landed a Job in my Dream Industry – Goal Setting

Just me staring ahead into the future and dreaming big!

Goal Setting

The first place to start with achieving any goal is to ruminate over what you want. What is that change or new thing you desire? Your desire must be strong enough in order to attract a fulfillment of it. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. What you think about, you attract. So the first thing to do about changing your situation or have your dreams come true is to think about what you want and want it badly enough.

Think about it/Want that change badly enough

I had been working in a media organization for over 10 years and for a long while I wanted to change my workplace and career. There is this window view where I stood the first time I came to the organization, it felt good staring at rooftops of houses across the city. I took in a deep breath of fresh air, and I had this satisfying feeling that my dream of working in a media organization had just come true at the time. Fast forward a few years later, I would look at that view every morning dissatisfied! I wanted something different, I had grown and wanted to express myself differently. I wanted a change and so one day I took a photograph of that window view and kept praying and telling myself that my window view will change one day.
As I sit down to write this article, I am working in a new environment, and looking over a different window with a brand new view! Because I wanted my job to change badly enough to the point of thinking, dreaming and speaking about it, It happened for me.

Come up with an Action Plan

I did not stop with thinking and dreaming about the change I wanted, I began to ask myself some questions. To get your desired goal or dream, you need to think and come up with an action plan. You need to think of how to get from point A to point B. Nowadays we depend a lot on the Google map to help navigate from point A to our desired destination. To get anywhere there are routes and streets you must pass through. Sometimes more than one route can lead you to your destination but you need to know these routes. And if you do not know, you either ask someone who knows or get Google compass to help you reach your destination.

To get anywhere there are routes and streets you must pass through. Sometimes more than one route can lead you to your destination but you need to know these routes.

In my job change case, after making up my mind about where and what I wanted to do, I had to answer these questions: How do I get a new job? What kind of job will I like to do? What do I need to do to land a new job? So I decided to get a jotter to write down my thoughts. I wanted a job in the development space, an international non-governmental organization. Then I checked on whether I had the required skills to land a job with such an organization and I began to work on myself. Next, I subscribed to a website that gave updates on new jobs available in the industry I wanted to work in. Then I began to apply for jobs and I must tell you, I have loads of applications spanning two years to prove my seriousness. Now that’s funny but I must say it was share determination that kept me going.

Not Giving Up on Your Dream/Goal will get you there

At some point, I got discouraged sending in applications and wanted to give up. At first, nobody invited me for an interview but soon I began to get invited to some job openings. My next frustration was that I got invited for interviews but ended up not landing the jobs. Tempted to give up but my dream was stronger than failures and disappointments I faced. So I decided to use those interviews as a learning curve. I went back to prepare well for the next interview and the next…

Try Again

At that point when I was about giving up applying for any more job, two new positions were advertised by two different organizations. I tried talking myself out of attempting to send any application but that sense of try again stared me up. My applications were sent in and I forgot about them. Not long I got invited for an interview in the two organizations and eventually landed a new job just when I had given up! So have you tried something over and over again and you are about giving up, can I encourage you to “Try Again”! Often we give up when our breakthrough is just around the corner.

“Try Again”! Often we give up when our breakthrough is just around the corner.

Remember to Learn from Your Failures

It is not how many times you failed that matters, but how you apply lessons learned and use it to your advantage. Some goals and dreams can be achieved easily but some daring goals take time. You must be willing to stay through, grow through the process of waiting. Keep building your capacity and get yourself ready to achieve that desired goal/dream.
Your goal might simply be knowing how to cook, making new friends, dressing up smarter, building new relationships or building a skyscraper! It is all about you, what you want and your dreams and goals are valid. Keep trying, keep pushing and soon you will get there.

 Some goals and dreams can be achieved easily but some daring goals take time.

Be willing to have new dreams and Goals

Success is not a destination but progress in motion. Do not sit down on your laurels and achievement, dare to have new dreams and goals. Yes, you started a business, congratulations! But you need to remember that, that business needs to grow. What new level will you like to take your business, surely you will like to expand your clientele base. So dreams and goals have no end in sight. Keep dreaming, keep setting new goals, don’t remain static, keep moving.
As you achieve one goal after another remember to celebrate your milestones and enjoy it too even as you look forward to the next thing on your agenda. Enjoy your journey and enjoy your life!

Adebisi Adetunji(c)

#MondayMotivation Afraid of the Crowd/Competition?

This morning I got out of the house a few minutes earlier than my usual time only to get to the bus stop and meet with a crowd waiting to board a taxi. “Now I am going to be late for work”, I said to myself.

I stood there for another 20minutes feeling frustrated before finally getting a taxi. A Monday morning lesson popped up in my heart – Eventually each person’s taxi arrived 😀 of course with having to wait for a while.

Now, I want to challenge you in this short video about not fearing the crowd or competition even as you wait for your own bus or taxi to come in…Not necessarily at the bus stop but in the hustle and bustling of life 

#MondayMotivation A Bus stop lesson. Have a great week!

Have a great week ahead!
Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Saying Hello… Where Have I been?!

Well Hello to you!
I know, it’s been a while! You know that feeling of wanting to write, publish and keep up with managing your blog but somehow, it is put on hold for so many reasons… Sometimes you need to just step back, catch your breath, sort out what is important at the moment, go into a “reset mode” and repackage.

Never feel guilty about taking a break when you need one. Take time to sort through stuff.

So my life has been a mixed bag of sorting out life! But I never forgot the reason why I started this blog…to find my voice, share stories, give a voice to women like me, and somehow impact someone positively.

Guess what?! After trusting God for a change, applying the strategies of planning, taking necessary steps to achieve my desired change I landed a new job position !! (I will be sharing stories about the new lessons I am learning with you here soon).


For now, I am simply grateful for you and everything that has happened in the last few months. It has been a roller coaster of mountain top and valley experiences, through it all, I am still here, going on strong. I am excited about a new horizon…great things loading!

You are stronger than you think, things will eventually work out for your good. Don’t give in.

Enjoy the different seasons of your life. Tears will always give way to joy, keep trusting, keep believing. Sending a silent prayer your way to pull you through whatever rough season, you might be experiencing.


Warm Regards,
Adebisi Adetunji (C)

How to be Optimistic about your Life

Lately there has been so many stories in the news about people who just throw in the towel and end it all.

A young girl committed suicide because her boyfriend jilted her just last week! Some others simply give up on life because of one disappointment or the other. Things are not adding up for you lately… Yes… But it is not the end of your life. Come on you are stronger than this!

You are not down and out! You are only down for a while so get up, your season is changing for good.

In this short video I share my heartfelt thoughts on being optimistic about your life & situation. Have a blessed & fruitful week

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That Story that Says – I Can Make it! Yes You Can!

As a creative person, story writer and producer I can smell a great story miles away. My ears are quick to pick up on a good story. Here we were in the office working and in comes a colleague. She had with her a copy of an admission letter to do her masters at the university. I was so excited for her because I had watched her grow from being a receptionist at the corporation to become an On-Air personality. I just had to get her to tell her story. I promise you,  It is indeed that kind of story that says – “YOU CAN MAKE IT, REGARDLESS OF YOUR BACKGROUND OR STRUGGLES”!

Her Story

My name is Lilian Onianwa(Née Ukandu)

My story is long I’ll try as much as I can to shorten it

I finished secondary school at  age16. I had everything planned out that is, get admission into the university to study medicine; finish up; get a masters degree and get married. Things didn’t work out as I planned.

I wrote the JAMB examination and got admission into Ebonyi State University to study Microbiology but only spent 2 years in the course and couldn’t continue. My father was in far away South Africa and somehow we were not getting any money from him because my stepmom was keeping it all for herself.

I had to drop out and moved to my grandmother’s house in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria. I didn’t get tired of looking for admission because for me getting admission into school meant living…”How can I not go to school”?

I wrote many exams and got admitted into various tertiary institutions-OAU Ife, FUTA, and Wesley University Ondo. Each time the admission came through for me there would be no money to pay school fees. But I couldn’t just stop and fold my arms…NO. I knew that I didn’t have money to pay school fees but I just won’t stop! The joy in my heart each time I get these admission letters is immeasurable. I was hopeful and each time I’ll say to myself “at least it’s just money that is the remaining ingredient in my educational pursuit”. ‘I just wanted to go to school and I didn’t have a job either to support myself. I was living on a monthly allowance that I got from my Uncle.

In 2011, I finally got a job as a receptionist in a media organization, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) with my Senior Secondary School Certificate and was earning 17,300 at the time barely enough to fend for myself. Life as a receptionist in FRCN was a different ball game. Half the time, people looked down on us a lot because to them “she is just a receptionist “. In fact, I was the staff with the lowest grade level and I was constantly bullied and degraded for that. There were times I would cry and cry but I kept telling myself that one day ‘I will bag a Ph.D.”.

Finally, I got an admission into the University of Ibadan to study Psychology in 2012. It was a Part-time course and I had to combine working at my job and studies. It was challenging especially when I became pregnant with my daughter. At times, I will be on duty and I’ll have to leave the office to go and write my exams and come back to work after the day’s exams…but I kept pushing.

In 2013, I wrote a letter to the management for Redeployment to the programmes department and with the help of  Mr. Gabriel Onafurume, the Deputy Director Programmes (DDP) at the time I was considered for it. I got redeployed to the Library because that was the only unit in the department that can take a low-level staff like me. I was a Level 4 officer. However, I knew I could do more so I joined a production team and began to feature on a programme called ‘Campus Beat’. This gave me an exposure to the art of presentation and programme production and it worked in my favor.

I have had 3 promotion interviews since I started working with FRCN. Each time I go before the interview panel and I’m asked to bring my credentials, and as I hand them my O’levels result, I die 30 times over. To the glory of God in the last promotion interview which held in January 2019, I went there with my B.Sc certificate! I graduated in 2018  with a 2.2. I was 0.1 shy of a 2.1.

After graduation, I wanted more, I had to go to the next phase and the Post Graduate school, the University of Ibadan will never take me with my Pass in Mathematics(which was graciously waved during my undergraduate level). So I went back to Secondary school and wrote NECO(July 2018) exams again after 14 years. Fortunately, I made all my subjects in that one sitting and now I’m on my way to studying a masters degree in Personality and Social Psychology. and I’m not stopping there as I intend to eventually bag a Ph.D.

What motivates me: Success
I want to be a very successful woman. I have a beautiful daughter and someday I want her to read the Newspapers and see something about her mother. There was no way that was going to happen if I didn’t go to school. No matter how wealthy I am as a ‘business’ woman with no degree I will never be fulfilled if I didn’t get my degrees.

All the while, I was alive but I wasn’t living. Getting a degree gave me a new I’m fulfilled. I feel like I can tackle anything life throws at me now with confidence. But then some people may say ‘it’s just a degree’; to me, it’s not just a degree, it’s the key to a new life, a new ME and a breath of fresh air.

My dreams:

  • I want to become a Criminal Psychologist and I’m already working on that.
  • I hope to own a Television show that will focus on criminals especially the ones serving time for murder/homicide, investigation of the 24 hours leading up to when the crime was committed, what triggered that action and rehabilitation for the prisoners during and after prison. And this dream is very VALID!

You can Make it ; Yes you Can! 

Adebisi Adetunji (C) Broadcast Journalist, Media content provider, Trainer & consultant-@debisibusybeemedia, Behavioral Change Radio Drama, Communication4Development, Social Media Influencer, Controller Programs (FRCN) Founder Beehyve Empowerment and Development Initiative. Catch me on Twitter – @DebisiBusybee, Facebook & email –

#HappyNewMonth Celebrate Your Milestones

Just like that, the first quarter of the year 2019 is gone! It’s a new quarter and a new beginning, get yourself set mentally, emotionally and physical to make it count! How do you do that? Take a step back ; take a pause and appreciate your milestones. Be #Grateful.

There is always more and the best will yet happen for you! But remember –

If you can not appreciate where you are now then you will not be satisfied when you get to your desired destination!

Enjoy your week and have a truly blessed April.

Adebisi Adetunji (C) Broadcast Journalist, Media content provider, Trainer & consultant-@debisibusybeemedia, Behavioral Change Radio Drama, Communication4Development, Social Media Influencer, Controller Programs (FRCN) Founder Beehyve Empowerment and Development Initiative. Catch me on Twitter – @DebisiBusybee, Facebook & email –

#MondayMotivation – Happiness is now not Tomorrow

Photo credit – Pixaby

Happiness is now not tomorrow
Choose to be happy today for if you can not enjoy today’s little blessings, you will still not be contended when tomorrow’s blessings come.

Celebrate every mile stone
Celebrate everything and everyone in your life
Be happy today not tommorrow
Afterall you are only sure of this moment
Trust that your tomorrow will be alright!

Wishing you happy moments today and this week.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)