Forgetting to be Grateful, Forgetting to be Happy now – How You can be happy with your Life.

Today is Yesterday’s Answered prayer.

Many times we are focused on things we desire to have and haven’t been able to get/acquire.
Many times we focus on our dreams and goals and forget to be happy with the little/big successes we have had.

I find myself complaining about my workplace and desire to have something better. And so instead of being grateful I whine and whine and lose my joy. I forgot that yesterday I prayed to have this job and I got it. Today is yesterday’s answered prayer.

Sometimes we compare ourselves to what others have and forget that some other people wish to have what you have. Be happy with what you have and where you are as you hope and Trust God to give you a better tomorrow.

So you are single and feeling lonely? Worse still all your friends and nieces you took care of while growing up have gotten married. You are even helping to nurse their babies and sometimes tears drop and you wish you had yours; look around you there is so much to your life that you can be grateful for.

Your child is physically challenged and you struggle daily to take care of him/her. You wish yours was a “normal” child who can fend for himself. God knows about your struggles and He has been standing right there helping you by bringing people and resources to help that child. Be grateful, be happy and celebrate what you have for then you will see hope rising. There is always a higher and better purpose.

So your marriage is turbulent and possibly didn’t work out. Painful I know but be grateful; be happy for everything works out for good to them that believe even if it was your fault. Be happy, be grateful for a better tomorrow will happen for you.

How can I say it? I simply am grateful and choose to be joyful and I want you too, reading this to be.

Your happiness is not in getting that new dream job
Your happiness and joy are not in that relationship you so much crave.

Your happiness is not tomorrow
It is today, be Happy now.

Enjoy your everyday life (Joyce Meyer)

If you can’t enjoy your today; you might still not be happy tomorrow when your desires come true. It is about seeing today’s blessings even if they are small. Choose to celebrate today and all your blessings.

Change is coming and there will never be an end to what you want to achieve.

Today is Yesterday’s answered prayer.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

How to Build Anything Worthwhile that will Last

Building anything worthwhile requires a lot of hard work. Be willing to give time to building your life, relationships, children, family, career, business and even house.

Build with the right materials. Using substandard products to build is a disaster that will eventually happen.

So in everything build with love, patience, forgiveness, diligence and faith that it will all yield a good dividend… It will be worth your time.

How to Build and succeed

  • Spend time knowing more about what you have set out to build.
  • If it is marriage, read books and reach out to those who are succeeding at it.
  • If it is a career... Learn more about your job/business and keep learning.
  • Be prepared for the challenges that will definitely come while building. Make up your mind not to give up.
    Know when to change tactics but do not negotiate building with the best materials.
  • Build with honesty and integrity.
    Remember you don’t need to step on people or hurt them just because you are building.

Stop to lend a hand because you need people to help you build faster.

So what are you working on or building lately? How is it going? Share your little successes and discouragement. Thank you for sharing.

Photo Credit : Pixabay. Com

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Tips for Everyday Living – Prioritizing Your Dreams by Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

I find this very Inspiring: Your dream is worth your attention and time. Don’t make things happen for others only; make it happen in your life. Learn to say No, so you can use your time well.

Have fun listening

Jacqueline is a wordsmith whose style of writing is very creative and down to earth. Take a trip to her blog page A “cooking pot twisted tales” and see what I mean.

Adebisi Adetunji(C)

Step out – Don’t be Afraid to make that Move

Step Out img-20161005-wa0000
Move out
Don’t let fear hold you back
Don’t let the unknown hold you back

Things may not be perfect but step out

If you don’t like where you are, take small steps
But step out
Try something new
Start pursuing that dream you once had

Do not be afraid to step out
It will be alright
It will be okay

Stepping out moves you from where you are to somewhere new.
Stepping out helps you to discover new potentials.
Stepping out gets you out of your frustration.

If you don’t like where you are step out.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

What Chess Game can do for a Whole Community – You must see this movie – Queen of Katwe

The “Queen of Katwe” is a Disney Movie, a biographical sports movie situated in Uganda produced in 2016. It was written by William Wheeler and directed by Mira Nair.


It is the true life story of young Phiona Mutesi acted by Madina Nalwanga but her mother’s story struck a chord in me as well. Personally, in Phiona’s mother, I saw a woman who sacrificed so much to give her struggling family the best she could. This woman though a widow denied herself the opportunity of accepting advances from men who wanted to be romantically involved with her. She protected her children as best as she could from predators even though she was illiterate. Phiona’s mother ends up selling her best clothe something she inherited from her ancestors just to buy oil for the lamp Phiona needed to study to understand how to play chess better.

The Movie is laced with humor, pain, human suffering mixed with hope and then here comes the rise out of all of these. It’s a journey through the story of young struggling Phiona, her siblings, and their mother. She had lost her father when the story begins. She and her brother hawk maize in the ghetto streets of Ugandan. Theirs was not a pretty life; many times they go hungry and have to make do with watery soup or porridge.
Phiona wondered why many bad things happened to their family and one day asked her sister about this thought of hers. “God does not care about us one way or the other”, was Phiona’s older sister’s response. She had taken the option of running away with a man whom she believed was the way of escape from her family’s poverty-stricken life.

In my opinion, God did show up by allowing a meeting between Phiona, her brother, and Robert Katende, a missionary while hawking one day. That was how Phiona’s journey into the world of Chess began. Phiona only had the heart to learn and soon her thinking skill was sharpened. She soon became a force to be reckoned with as she won one game after another. Just when life began to look up for Phiona, her brother is hit by a motorcycle, they lose their home and the family started sleeping in the open.

It seemed like bad things were really meant to sink this family. Someone who wouldn’t give up on her stood by her, coach Robert Katende. He kept coming back, encouraging and pushing Phiona until she was fired up again to continue to play chess and enrolled her and her brother in school. Soon she became a hero in Katwe and a great Chess player who won many games.

It was a long journey, Phiona’s Mutesi success didn’t just happen overnight it took time. With persistence, we can all achieve.

The Queen of Katwe is a sports drama which paves a pathway of escape from poverty

The character Robert Katende played by David Oyelowo was a very passionate man who wished to do more for his wife and baby. But when he got a job that pays better gives it up for teaching the children in Katwe slums how to play chess.

His home was open to many of these children.
He had an Injury that should stop him from playing football but he sacrificed getting injured again and played to get money to enroll the children in the inter-schools competition.

Others saw dirty children, uncultured and unruly children but Robert Katende saw children with great talents and the next world champions.

Actors really took on their role…I find the Ugandan English accent really unique and funny not in a derogatory way just pleasantly nice to my ears.  I enjoyed the interaction between Phiona’s mother  played by Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo who featured as Robert Katende the missionary. They both really interpreted their roles well. Madina Nalwanga who is the heroine, Phiona is a character to watch. It’s hard to believe this was her first movie.

Queen of Katwe – Is an inspiring and moving story of Hope

There is something in everyone
• Follow your passion just like Robert Katende
• Help other people up
Never give up on your dream
• Humility keeps your head in shape as a hero
• You might win today but keep at it and you will win
• Everyone needs someone to believe in him/her
Though sorrow may last for a night or more but Joy comes

Photo Credit: Poster of the movie Queen of Katwe – Disney

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


royal-princessI dressed like this to the office on Friday not really thinking about the picture my appearance painted. I got a lot of delightful greetings like these:

“You look so gorgeous”, “You look like a princess”! “You look like royalty”.
A guest in the studios thought that I must be an important personality…O yes I am Important!!
Perhaps my royal roots have something to do with this aura and dressing…

Yes, my grandfather was a king for 40years in our village- Ago Iwoye- hosting the first university in Ogun State.



I want to let you know girl, woman, and lady that you are special, important and unique.
Never let anyone put you down
Never let your past put you down
Don’t allow your present circumstance or situation put you down.

And Girl God is got a big and beautiful plan for your life!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)