Movie Review: The Wedding Party – Its dramatic, a power tussle and Love saga

Finally, I got around to watching this much talked about the movie which started showing in the cinemas in December 2016. The Wedding Party is a Nigerian romantic and comedy movie. It is dramatic, funny, a power tussle between two wealthy families and a love saga as well.

If you are a Nigerian this movie reminds you of when you first introduced your intended who happens to be from another culture to your parents!!! This can sometimes meet with resistance.

If you are from across the globe The Wedding Party showcases the cultural side of a typical Nigerian marriage. We like our wedding party/ceremony to be big with your whole village clan, family, and friends in attendance. Apart from this expect the “Mo gbo, mo yaa (Uninvited guests who are not related or known to the couple or even their family members). They are the gate crashers.

In Nigeria when you print a 100 wedding invitation cards plan for 300 guests. Yes, o…for example if you invite me and my husband we will bring our children and also neighbors who might be less busy on your wedding day and whom you don’t know. In the movie, you are definitely going to see gate crashers.

The Wedding Party is the love story of a young couple who struggle to get the approval of the groom’s mother. They also had to contend with former girlfriends of the groom as well. The story all happens in one day from the morning of the wedding to the reception where the bride takes off because of a shocking betraying revelation.

Meanwhile, the bride and groom’s parents also have secrets of their own. The bride’s father is broke and hadn’t paid for the cake wedding and other food items meant for the wedding but his wife thinks they have got what it takes to show her proud son-in-law’s mother that they were rich as well.

The groom’s parents are struggling with their marriage and for many years they haven’t been able to fix it. These secrets spilled out when the two families are held at gunpoint by an “area boy” who had earlier sneaked into the wedding reception. Tempers flared between the families and they soon found out that the only way they were going to save themselves was to work as a team.

The Wedding Party ends on a note of hope and reconciliation. A fantastic love story of the young and the old the Nigerian way.

– No matter how old your marriage becomes you need to keep love alive.
– Stop taking one another for granted.
– Fix the problem quickly before it becomes a mighty ocean that will eventually drown you all.
– Remember to say I love you often
– Stay faithful to your partner
– Mistakes happen, fix it don’t repeat it.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

What Chess Game can do for a Whole Community – You must see this movie – Queen of Katwe

The “Queen of Katwe” is a Disney Movie, a biographical sports movie situated in Uganda produced in 2016. It was written by William Wheeler and directed by Mira Nair.


It is the true life story of young Phiona Mutesi acted by Madina Nalwanga but her mother’s story struck a chord in me as well. Personally, in Phiona’s mother, I saw a woman who sacrificed so much to give her struggling family the best she could. This woman though a widow denied herself the opportunity of accepting advances from men who wanted to be romantically involved with her. She protected her children as best as she could from predators even though she was illiterate. Phiona’s mother ends up selling her best clothe something she inherited from her ancestors just to buy oil for the lamp Phiona needed to study to understand how to play chess better.

The Movie is laced with humor, pain, human suffering mixed with hope and then here comes the rise out of all of these. It’s a journey through the story of young struggling Phiona, her siblings, and their mother. She had lost her father when the story begins. She and her brother hawk maize in the ghetto streets of Ugandan. Theirs was not a pretty life; many times they go hungry and have to make do with watery soup or porridge.
Phiona wondered why many bad things happened to their family and one day asked her sister about this thought of hers. “God does not care about us one way or the other”, was Phiona’s older sister’s response. She had taken the option of running away with a man whom she believed was the way of escape from her family’s poverty-stricken life.

In my opinion, God did show up by allowing a meeting between Phiona, her brother, and Robert Katende, a missionary while hawking one day. That was how Phiona’s journey into the world of Chess began. Phiona only had the heart to learn and soon her thinking skill was sharpened. She soon became a force to be reckoned with as she won one game after another. Just when life began to look up for Phiona, her brother is hit by a motorcycle, they lose their home and the family started sleeping in the open.

It seemed like bad things were really meant to sink this family. Someone who wouldn’t give up on her stood by her, coach Robert Katende. He kept coming back, encouraging and pushing Phiona until she was fired up again to continue to play chess and enrolled her and her brother in school. Soon she became a hero in Katwe and a great Chess player who won many games.

It was a long journey, Phiona’s Mutesi success didn’t just happen overnight it took time. With persistence, we can all achieve.

The Queen of Katwe is a sports drama which paves a pathway of escape from poverty

The character Robert Katende played by David Oyelowo was a very passionate man who wished to do more for his wife and baby. But when he got a job that pays better gives it up for teaching the children in Katwe slums how to play chess.

His home was open to many of these children.
He had an Injury that should stop him from playing football but he sacrificed getting injured again and played to get money to enroll the children in the inter-schools competition.

Others saw dirty children, uncultured and unruly children but Robert Katende saw children with great talents and the next world champions.

Actors really took on their role…I find the Ugandan English accent really unique and funny not in a derogatory way just pleasantly nice to my ears.  I enjoyed the interaction between Phiona’s mother  played by Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo who featured as Robert Katende the missionary. They both really interpreted their roles well. Madina Nalwanga who is the heroine, Phiona is a character to watch. It’s hard to believe this was her first movie.

Queen of Katwe – Is an inspiring and moving story of Hope

There is something in everyone
• Follow your passion just like Robert Katende
• Help other people up
Never give up on your dream
• Humility keeps your head in shape as a hero
• You might win today but keep at it and you will win
• Everyone needs someone to believe in him/her
Though sorrow may last for a night or more but Joy comes

Photo Credit: Poster of the movie Queen of Katwe – Disney

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

A Short Review of the Movie “SOLD” – Be Weary of Strangers

Movie Poster

At the beginning of the movie we meet a young beautiful girl, Lakshmi playing and flying her free kite while her mother struggles with the farm work for the day. Soon the viewer finds outs why her mother is working so hard. Her father is incapacitated with a paralyzed arm with two fingers cut off. He looked frustrated and takes to staying out late and coming home drunk. His poor wife who had had a tough hard day’s work tucks him into bed.
The roof of their house is leaking and Lakshmi’s mother did her best to fix it with a few straws she could gather. At night when it rains the leaking roof showed that she had not been successful in mending the roof.
Lakshmi’s mother prays hard for her family, hoping that something would happen to alleviate their suffering and turn their story around for good. Theirs was a poor struggling family. During a community festival, a woman from the city stares hard at Lakshmi. Amidst the excitement and dancing, she approaches her. She showed her, her dazzling colorful bangles and jewelry. She tells Lakshmi that the city was a beautiful place to be and that it had the magic that could change a person’s fortune. Young Lakshmi was captivated. Later she discussed going to the city with the stranger in order to work and make some money to help mend their leaking roof. Her mother said no but her father had received payment from the woman to take Lakshmi to the city.

SOLD – A thriller based on the award-winning novel by Patricia McCormick – A young girl risks everything to gain freedom. SOLD was released as a movie in 2014 . My heart was pumping hard all the way as I watched to see what becomes of Lakshmi.

My heart pumped hard all the way as I watched to see what becomes of Lakshmi.

A movie with a powerful mind boggling message that leaves you angry at man’s inhumanity to innocent children but also leaves you with relief that some girls do survive the journey through sexual exploitation. No one should have to go through what girls like Lakshmi and others went through.

The movie shows viewers happy rare moments for the girls who must service their male customers on demand. It’s a group that supports each other even though they are suspicious of one another. No one really feels safe but they make the best of the world in which they have found themselves.

SOLD is a story that treats an issue we speak about in hush…hush tone boldly.

What I find worrisome is the fact that women are the perpetrators of this evil act: Child traffickers aided by men. Those who run the show in promoting baby factories, child labor claim it is a means to an end; a means of livelihood to the detriment of these girls who are beaten, raped and forced to have sex with horrible men.

Child trafficking is simply slavery ripping children of their innocence and future.

Protect children, Protect Girls

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Yaayi…You’ve Got to SEE THIS MOVIE – HIDDEN FIGURES: Three Brilliant Women who made Landing in Space Possible!! My Take Away from Watching

In Nigeria when you hear the phrase “Take Away”, it majorly refers to party extra food packs. When a party is darn good and great guests get to take extra food home; that is after loading their tummies with the treat already served. I love those kinds of parties. As a wife and mother my take away food will serve as dinner for everyone in my family. That’s a no cooking evening…Lol

20th Century Fox

Let me now get down to My Take Away from the movie, “Hidden Figures” an inspiring story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. These three women worked at NASA and worked tirelessly using the skills to get Astronaut John Glenn into the orbit and their work was instrumental in landing man on the moon!!! Yaayi…I am so excited!
Hidden Figures is a biographical movie based on a non-fiction book by Margot Lee Shetterly and directed by Theodore Melfi.

Their story sounds fantastic but you must watch the movie to see how these women under adversity, discrimination, family and societal pressure made history in the world of science.
Hidden Figures left me inspired, fired up and ready to go! Every young girl, woman, man and boys, the whole family need to see it.

Here is a few of my Take Away from the Hidden figures:
• Adversity is a springboard
• Never let your gender or background limit you…You can be so much more
• Look ahead…keep developing yourself and stepping up in order to remain relevant
• As a leader acknowledge and let the geniuses in your team shine, then you all will become geniuses
• Sometimes you have to endure but there comes a time when you must speak up and demand to be heard/taken seriously
• Keep dreaming never give up
• Wait patiently your gift will find you out
• Those who scorned you or refuse to give you a place in the front seat will soon be serving you as you show them that you know what you are doing with your skills
• Three women from a humble background at a time when racism was high made landing on space possible.

Girl…it is possible…the world is waiting for you.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

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