Welcome to 2020! A Quick Note from Me

The pressure to set goals and ensure that you achieve more is in the air.

As much as it is good to plan your year and make efforts to be a better version of yourself/succeed at different aspects of life… REMEMBER TO TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Do not try to achieve too many things at a time or rush things up. You are not competing against anyone but yourself!

Enjoy the ride through 2020! May your dreams come true.

Let’s talk about goals & plans soon 👊 For now… Happy new year!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Its a New Year, a New Beginning – Exciting so what’s Next?

Wao… 2017 is here already here up and running.
Check out all the paparazzi on social media, phone calls, text messages, whatsapp shout outs… It’s a frenzy celebration! img_20170101_120340
I am glad to be alive. I am grateful for family, friends and you all in the blogging community.

So we are here, what’s next? Personally I just have this feeling that its time to do things differently if I want a different result in so many areas of my life. The change I want to see happen will depend on what I do right from the beginning.

Alright breath easy… No pressure, take it easy and especially one day at a time. But you must start doing something about what you want to do or achieve.

Its a whole new beginning full of hope for better things to come. I’d say be focused… Be clear about what you want to do and go for it.

And hey… Things don’t have to be perfect at first just take a step, make that phone call, write that application or proposal… Just start taking your baby steps now.

I am running with the One who knows all about me and my future…

Have a fulfilling year!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Tinz… You’ve got to leave behind in 2016


Hey… It’s 31st of December, 2016 already!! How time flies and before you know it the clock bell will be ringing loudly at midnight….saying it’s 2017. I like to think of it as a “Clean Slate or sheet if you like” . A blank check too… Sounds nice to have a blank check to fill in any amount I want on the first day of a new year… *wink*.

Now the question is this will your slate be clean or filled with bsggages from the outgoing year?  Funny how we pen down new goals and pursuit when we have refused to get rid of heavy loads that have hindered us from achieving our goals before.

No one pours new wine into an old wine skin

Neither should you pour old wine into a new wine skin..
I mean let everything be new.

So what are these “tinzs” you must leave behind in 2016?
I believe you know already!! Don’t ignore that uneasiness; that tightness in your heart.
Do a soul search and make up your mind to drop unnecessary baggage in 2016.

Now to what I think you should do away with in other to be light enough to run in the new year :

Failures… Stop blaming yourself; Stop whinging ; Stop Wishing. Just Drop it and move on OR try again with a new method.

Hurts and Pains… So your husband/wife, boyfriend/Girlfriend, Dad! Mum, Siblings, colleague, boss, neighbors, best friend hurt you!!! And you simply carry it in your heart and wear it on your face like a logo. Hmmm…. Do you seriously want to keep wearing that logo in 2017?

Antidote for hurts /pains is Forgiveness. Forgive not because he/she deserves it; not because it is ever easy….some hurts cut deeply…Just forgive for You. I mean your peace of mind.

And seriously we all need others to forgive us too one time or the other.img_20161227_124237

Fear…Time to drop that fear that is holding you back… Time to let go of that fear of bad things happening… Just Trust God to take care of you and things. I have found Him to be dependable.
Bad stuff did happen in, 2016… How easy is it to let go….? Hmmm… Life doesn’t stop because bad stuff happen… It just goes on….So go on you must for you will have lots of reasons to smile ahead.

Successes… Ha ha… Sounds like what you should hold unto. Time to let go and move unto bigger things. Stop holding unto your success like a trophy that will break. Trophies are lined up on a shelve as more are added with new wins.

You can achieve more in the new year
You can do better than what you’ve done so far
New battles to fight
New race to run
Exciting things to come…can you feel it… See it!

Wishing you a great new year!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)