Orange Color making a Fashion Statement

DSC05387Its Fashion Friday and we are splashing orange colored attires celebrating the 16 days activities against all forms of violence against women and girls! Spice your wardrobe with new styles of orange attires.

Gorgeous striped orange and black dress

Orange attire 4


Business/Office Orange wear

ORange attire and accessories 3

Orange India  Elegant Safari attire

Orange attire 2

Lovely Orange Evening Gown

Orange attair 1

Orange Iro & Buba

Iro and Buba

Nice and simple Orange mixed with white dress

Orange attire 5


Exquisite and elegant African Orange wedding attire

African Orange wedding dress 6

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Battle of gowns Both Sridevi and Madhuri
Best Dressed Bollywood Wedding Guests

Glam Radar

Chevron Dresses

Adebisi Adetunji


Splashes of Orange


Graceful , Bright and beautiful
Fearfully and wonderfully made
A pod budding into a flower
A beautiful, innocent flower
Ready to provide beautiful scent
Painting a beautiful scenery in the world


Don’t crush her; don’t stamp her into the dust
Let her blossom; let her grow; let her unfold her gifting
Let her mature; let her beautify your life as you treat her well
A whole lot of treasure abides in her but when crushed can disappear
You lose a fountain of great wealth and riches
Let her live; let her laugh; let her dream; let her blossom
To become a fountain of joy and treasure to you and the world


Time to end every form of violence against women & Girls

Adebisi Adetunji

Stoning a woman for Adultery?!

Love between a couple is said to be the most amazing and sweetest thing.     ORANGE HEART

Love is a powerful emotion,sometimes it just happens without one been ready for it. Many times you are surprised by the person you end up falling in love with.

How is it that Love for some women and girls translates to mean a death sentence? Stories abound of women and girls who have become victims of death for loving the wrong man.

Afghan woman punished for eloping with another man after her family had arranged to marry her off to a different man. Her name was Rohksahana …she was stoned to death!

A teenage girl, Aswad was also stoned to death because she loved a boy from a different religion. She was condemned to death by men in her family who regard it as honor killing! Reports like these are common in Iraq among the Kurdish north. Unfortunately most victims of these honour killings are women and girls considered to have shamed their families through immoral behaviour

How is it that a woman gets stoned for adultery almost all the time? This is barbaric, inhuman,sickening and just so…so…so…i find no words to explain it!!!

These honour killings just has to STOP! Every Life counts!

Zero tolerance to gender-based violence.

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Adebisi Adetunji


Orange your World- End violence against women and girls around the world

Today, the 25th of November marks the International world day celebration of ending violence against women and girls. This year it is a 16days long event.


Orange Symbolizes a brighter future , a world free of from violence against women and girls. Orange is the colour of the day, so splash your community, offices, malls and everywhere with this colour. Lets together speak against all forms of gender violence as bloggers.

On femininematerz I’ll do my best to bring you stories of women and girls who had experienced a form of violence all in the bid to paint the ugliness of this menace. Hopefully also to create more awareness and instigate a change to how women and girls are treated. It is zero tolerance to violence against women and girls!

So lets Orange our world!

Adebisi Adetunji