The Uniqueness & Funny Side of the Ancient City of Ibadan

Photo: Wall Graphics by Onelife Initiative Ag. Executive Director – Sola Fagorusi

Ibadan that ancient city standing magnificently in its ancient blend of brown roofs
Ibadan that city where the cost of living is cheaper than others, life is simpler
Ibadan that place where a taxi man will charge a fare of N50 to a destination and a passenger will bring down the prize to N20… And the driver will respond angrily… “se e ni changi”! 😀
Ibadan that city where you can set a time to get to a destination, leaving your home 15-20 minutes to arrival time and you will still get there on time!… Lagos people sorry… Make una no vese(Don’t be upset) 😋
Ibadan the city where business owners close their shop as early as 7pm and are not ready to disturb their sleep or rest to catch early morning business… Chai Ibadan you need to step up ooo! 🙌

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I Met A Young Lady at a Bus Station

While waiting to board the bus en route to my destination (Calabar) on an official assignment this young lady, Amara(not real name) who sat beside me suddenly sighed out loud. Unknowingly she voiced out her thoughts, “How long will I continue to do this”, she mumbled. I was sited beside her and since we had been chatting earlier on about life in general, I took the liberty to ask her what the matter was in a concerned tone. Amara said she wish a man would come and whisk her off in marriage. She was tired of selling in a shop at the bus station. Enquiring further about how long she had been there, Amara said 7 years.

It has been 7 long years for her working at her uncle’s wife’s shop without getting paid. Amara was simply tired of this life that made her future look bleak. In her mind’s eye, the ticket to her freedom was getting married. Her hope is to have a man set her up for a business. I listened to her talk about her life and frustration then I gently told her that marriage is not the answer to the kind of freedom she dreamed of.

I shared with her the importance of having a job or some kind of trade of her own. Something to empower and give her financial freedom. Our discussions further revealed that she had finished her secondary school education and also has acquired skills in fashion designing(sewing clothes). I then encouraged her to pursue this business while waiting for the right man to come. It seemed to me that she had no choice but to live with her uncle’ wife who by the way had died. The widow housing her is probably doing her best to feed and cloth Amara including her own children.

After my attempt to inspire Amara to pursue her dreams she had this to say”Some girls are lucky; they get married and their husband sets them up in a business. Why can’t my own be like that?”. I kept quiet and thought to myself … “you may never understand the reality of her world”. Soon Amara stood up trying to chat with some men and bus drivers who work at the station. As I boarded my bus on the way to my destination, I hoped that things will turn out well for Amara; I hoped that she will not fall into the hands of men who will take advantage of her.

I wished that I lived in her town to possibly still keep in touch and help link her to opportunities and resources but all I had were my few words of counsel. Many young girls are out there just hoping for a brighter future like Amara. Perhaps if she had a higher education maybe her life might be easier in getting a paying job.

A lot of girls out there who come from a humble and economically struggling background as I have observed believe that finding a husband who will provide for them is the answer to their financial troubles. Maybe a few girls get lucky but often these girls find themselves in tougher situations when the man cannot provide as they had hoped.

We need to educate our girls/women; we need to empower them. It starts with each family, don’t just allow your girl/daughter to only sell for you in your shop, ensure that she is truly empowered for the future. Marrying her off is not the answer to your economic and financial problems. You may soon have to care for her and her babies if the man is irresponsible. This will become a big burden. You can also share this wisdom with people who think like this as they come your way in the marketplace, bus station, taxi or wherever.

Educate a Girl, Give her a better future
To empower a woman is to empower a family and nation.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

People and Places that have made my Week Memorable

It has been a great week learning, writing, translating and working very hard with ARDA (African Radio Drama Association) in developing stories for the NURHI season 2 radio drama.
I’d love to share a few photos with you…

Writers at the NURHI season 2 radio drama workshop.
Khadijat(NURHI) , me & Caroline (facilitator)
Writers in the car on the way to take breakfast & bags packed to leave
Driving through Victoria Island
Sights in Victoria Island, Lagos.
The Civic Center, Victoria Island Lagos


Working on stories
Our team of mock newscasters at the workshop… Tokunbo & Priscilla (ARDA)
Group work & presentations
Topic Brain Storming session

Have a fabulous week end!!! 😀😀😀

Adebisi Adetunji (C)