Thinking out loud…Gender Musings (Guest Post #3)

There are parts of me that have been hiding all my life. I’m daily surprised by the emergence of new aspirations, new dreams, new fears, new flaws, new hopes and new traits I was not expecting.

Why am I digging up and dusting old dreams. It probably never died. Through these new discoveries, I’m reminded that as long as I engage in the process of continuous self-development, new discoveries are inevitable.

The concept I have of myself, my value, my very purpose in life form the core of what influences my personality. So when I am quiet it is for a reason. When I am assertive and refuse to back down in an argument, it is for a reason. When I remain indifferent about an issue, there’s a reason for it.

I strive to be intentional and deliberate about my every act. But I’m asking will it change when I marry? Will I have to “adjust” my personality to suit my in-laws? Will I be assertive enough as a mother to ensure my children are well disciplined?

As I advance in age, will I have the resolve and energy to pursue new projects and initiatives? How will hormonal changes affect my well-being? Will I age gracefully indeed?

Do you as a woman also go through these eeerm say gender musings?

oyinkan FMB

This post was written by Oyinkansola Peter-Ajayi.
Oyinkan is a Correspondent and Presenter with Radio Nigeria.
She lives by the mantra, “Eagles don’t flock” and tweets @Oyinpeter_ajayi

My Blog : Beyond my Wildest Dreams


I am unto a new journey of improving on what i do here on my blog which is to write. Learning should never stop and the best way to do better is to keep learning. So i decided to enroll in this course powered by WordPress Blogging U: “Blogging, Branding and Growth”.

KNOW BETTERMy first assignment is to set three Goals about what i want to achieve with my blog.

I have more than three  -here they are:

  • I want to have more  interesting and interactive blog posts that inspires at least 20 comments for now
  • I want to make new friends and keep them: learning and supporting their blogs too
  • I want to have 500 followers and readers
  • I want a blog brand that attracts profit(money)
  • Most importantly to continue to enjoy blogging

And here is my long term goal:

  • I want my blog to become a spring board for policy changes that will make life better for women, Girls and children.

And so the hard work and journey continues….A shout out to my readers, followers and friends in the blogging community!!!

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