Tuesday Musing: Stop Neglecting Yourself ;Take Care of You

It is easy to fix everything and everyone but yourself.

Remember to take time to relax.
Watch that fatigue; that tired and exhausting feeling.
Stop eating junk because you are too busy trying to meet deadlines.
If you break down life doesn’t stop because of you. So stop and take care of yourself.

How to take care of yourself

  • Eat right
  • Delegate duties/assignments
  • Go play golf, tennis or watch a movie if you like the work load can wait.
  • Rest and yes sleep is good and necessary to be able to perform optimally at your tasks.
  • CEO time to take a break; your company will not crash before you get back.
  • Spend quality fun time with family, friends and loved ones.

Build meaningful relationships now because that is all that will be important a few years from now.  

People slum and die often this days don’t add to the statistics.

Take care of yourself. 😀😀

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Tinz… You’ve got to leave behind in 2016


Hey… It’s 31st of December, 2016 already!! How time flies and before you know it the clock bell will be ringing loudly at midnight….saying it’s 2017. I like to think of it as a “Clean Slate or sheet if you like” . A blank check too… Sounds nice to have a blank check to fill in any amount I want on the first day of a new year… *wink*.

Now the question is this will your slate be clean or filled with bsggages from the outgoing year?  Funny how we pen down new goals and pursuit when we have refused to get rid of heavy loads that have hindered us from achieving our goals before.

No one pours new wine into an old wine skin

Neither should you pour old wine into a new wine skin..
I mean let everything be new.

So what are these “tinzs” you must leave behind in 2016?
I believe you know already!! Don’t ignore that uneasiness; that tightness in your heart.
Do a soul search and make up your mind to drop unnecessary baggage in 2016.

Now to what I think you should do away with in other to be light enough to run in the new year :

Failures… Stop blaming yourself; Stop whinging ; Stop Wishing. Just Drop it and move on OR try again with a new method.

Hurts and Pains… So your husband/wife, boyfriend/Girlfriend, Dad! Mum, Siblings, colleague, boss, neighbors, best friend hurt you!!! And you simply carry it in your heart and wear it on your face like a logo. Hmmm…. Do you seriously want to keep wearing that logo in 2017?

Antidote for hurts /pains is Forgiveness. Forgive not because he/she deserves it; not because it is ever easy….some hurts cut deeply…Just forgive for You. I mean your peace of mind.

And seriously we all need others to forgive us too one time or the other.img_20161227_124237

Fear…Time to drop that fear that is holding you back… Time to let go of that fear of bad things happening… Just Trust God to take care of you and things. I have found Him to be dependable.
Bad stuff did happen in, 2016… How easy is it to let go….? Hmmm… Life doesn’t stop because bad stuff happen… It just goes on….So go on you must for you will have lots of reasons to smile ahead.

Successes… Ha ha… Sounds like what you should hold unto. Time to let go and move unto bigger things. Stop holding unto your success like a trophy that will break. Trophies are lined up on a shelve as more are added with new wins.

You can achieve more in the new year
You can do better than what you’ve done so far
New battles to fight
New race to run
Exciting things to come…can you feel it… See it!

Wishing you a great new year!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Thoughts & Life #14

People who set traps for others get caught themselves. People who start landslides get crushed. Proverbs 26:27 (GN)


What you sow, you reap goes a familiar saying. In my local language they say when you point accusing fingers at another person, remember the other remaining four fingers are pointing right back at you.

Why do we sometimes set traps for others to fall in so that we can get ahead? In my mind’s eye, such a person will end up falling into a “bigger trap”.

Learn to lift others up, because you will have many hands lifting you up back in return
Learn to celebrate others and rejoice with them as they make progress, it will be your turn soon too.
Learn to patiently wait for your time; it will be your turn to be celebrated soon.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Thoughts & Life #13- How to keep growing even with your Wins

Victory heralds a new beginning; a new race
When you win, don’t rest on your oars
Getting to the top is hard work; but maintaining that sit requires more serious work

There is always another mountain to climb
You can dream even bigger dreams
Never get to a point where you feel you have arrived. That is the beginning of a down ward turn

You can be better, greater, be much more
Keep learning ; keep growing

An early Tuesday Trickles…take a trip to Jacqueline’s warm blog for more. You can participate by sharing your musings, thoughts and inspirations.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Ride on Your Challenge – Thoughts and Life #11

Yoruba Proverb – “Bi esin ba daa ni a man tun gun ni”...if a horse throws you down you climb it again until it breaks.


Your challenge is a leverage to that next level you want to get to don’t let it stop you.

There is no progress without a challenge to surmount.
So expect a challenge every time if you must move up the ladder

How to break your challenge and win
– Don’t be afraid as it stares you hard in the face daring you.
– Pray and trust in the Almighty God who is able to hold your hands and carry you through. And He does, i have seen it happen time and time again with me.
– Don’t give up even when you fail.
– Believe you can do it
– Nothing is new under the sun, so you are not alone.
– Learn a bit more about this new challenge so you can eventually find out its secret.
– Work hard, stay awake if you have to to make your deadline.
– Look around for others who have had the same challenge and find out how they came through.
– Never give in, don’t give up
– A line in a song by Ron Kenoly says…Go ahead, go ahead don’t stop!

Have a great Friday!!!

Photo Credit: Caters News Agency

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

How to Manage an overwhelming Project: Thoughts & Life #10

* Breath Easy
* Break your assignment into small doable bits
* Get others involved in the task
* Assign duties
* Be ready to work hard
* Start your project work ahead of time, don’t wait until the deadline is just around the corner. You will be putting yourself under enormous pressure and you might fail to meet the deadline.
* Be ready to give your best, be ready to pay attention to details.
* Don’t be too quick to give up on yourself and team members if things get messed up in the first attempt.
* Be ready to do it again
* The project is going to take more than just a few hours of your day. Be ready to put in the extra hours.
* Remember to take intermittent breaks. For when you are rested a bit you feel the energy to go on.

Don’t try to finish a project of one month in one day. Draw out a step by step plan.

* Write down the different stages of doable tasks and tick them off as you achieve them . This will show your progress and in turn encourage you and your team.
* Finish it…finish it don’t stop even when it seems that some equipment of material needed for the project is hard to find.
* You can do it…breath easy and just dig in to begin to take on one task at a time, one day at a time.
* By your deadline, you’ll be all set to deliver the goods!!!
* And don’t forget to thank everyone who had helped in accomplishing the project…your team members,others and yourself too.

Celebrate your success as you get ready to take on another task for a well accomplished project brings in other projects.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)