How will you serve the world? — OBA- TheKingsoracle.

How can you and I better serve our world? This dear lady found an answer for herself… This gets me thinking… What about you? Life is more beautiful and meaningful when we serve others.

Sometimes Last year, I was having a personal conversation with God, I was at that point where I was asking questions about life, and the fact that there is more to it .what role should I be playing at that particular phase of life that I had found myself? At some point, I began to […]

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Is There More To WordPress Than Just Blogging? — Dream Big, Dream Often

There is more to blogging here on WordPress, it’s a community where you get to connect and make new friends. Don’t just sit and wait for others to come read your fabulous posts, get out there and reach out… Like, comment and encourage other bloggers like Danny said in this post. I am really enjoying myself here on WordPress.

An observation of the world around me intended to provoke thought in you.

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So, how deep is your beauty?

You need to feel good about yourself lady. Your beauty goes far beyond your physical appearance… The extra additions. And as you age… You are still beautiful! A deep post by Jacqueline.

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Feminine Beauty, The definition of beautiful

What does beauty mean to you? Feminine beauty has been construed in many ways and from varied perceptions of the world. It has been depicted through images and concepts that penetrates and rests in our minds, but one simple definition of beauty which we seem to fail to focus on is that beauty is happiness that glows from within.

This line of thought came to me as I stood before my bathroom mirror for several more moments than usual, undertaking an intimate survey of my body. With critical eyes, I noted the tiny indelible laughter lines beside my lips, little spots left by an acne or two, liberal trails of cellulite, jelly-belly from childbearing; the inevitable southbound movement of ex-perky body parts and the countless greys peeking out here and there.

Nonetheless, I also took note of the fact that as detracting and as imperfect as those marks were…

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My Daily Observation: 11/15/17

Mind who you hang around, they have a way of influencing you. Connect with people who aim for great things and are not just materialistic. A thought provoking post by Dray of Dream Big. I am inspired by his posts each time I read his blog.

Dream Big, Dream Often


The types of people you allow to have influence in your life is one of the most important decisions you can make.  I’ve heard parents tell their kids “you are who you hang out with” and it is true for adults as well.

Yesterday I sat down with a gentleman who owns an IT business with 2 offices locally.  We spoke about his business for a couple of hours and then wrapped up.  Standing in the lobby of one of the downtown Charlotte high-rises, we began to talk about life in general, the power of words and the power in having a positive mindset.  Our conversation recharged me for the afternoon and filled my emotional and spiritual sails!

The people you allow to have influence over you will steer your life in particular directions.  This is why you must be selective and choose wisely.  If you have people surrounding you…

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Boy or Girl, African Mentality

Simply love this post from the Family Fortress Magazine blog. Girl or boy, it is still a great joy to welcome that child into your home. Celebrate your baby girl a much as you do boys.


What does it really matter, if the sex of your baby is girl. Girls are strong, loving, caring, protective, industrious and great managers. Do you know that from experience, girls take better care of their fathers.
A couple, in a quest to have a male child has raised a family of nine girls. This is African mentality, and many women are having a difficult time in their marriage because they cannot have a male child.
The problem is usually with the in-laws, that is, the family of the man. They often times pressure the man into marrying another woman. In this age and generation, men should ‘wise up’ and take their stand. Love your girls and train them because these girls are your future.
God bless your home.


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