When you reach out others can find you. I just connected with the AHVAHAH blog and I fell in love with this post – “Wounds”. Thought I should share it with you.

We all have wounds and scars from life’s experience. Mine may be different from yours but understand that you are not alone. Know that you can let go of those wounds and scars ; let love heal you. Reach out to someone today in love and kind deeds.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


Inspiration #20.

I just met Oladewalaura and she is a student in college who is inspiring people through her blog. I like this Inspirational words “Be easy to love…” When you feel that you are not getting along with practically everybody then you may need to take some time to check yourself to know what is triggering the conflict with others. “He/She that will have friends must show himself /herself to be friendly’. How friendly are you? Are you approachable? Relax, Stop being up-tight life is beautiful 🌹🌹

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Be easy to love,hard to break and impossible to forget.

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Would you want to be the duchess?

One thing stood out for me in this post by Sinmirella – ‘We should stop assuming that women want the same thing. Every woman should be allowed to choose the kind of life she wants and what is important to her. Please enjoy perusing this post and other down to earth yet intriguing articles on Sinmirella blog.


For reasons I can’t explain, the royal wedding sparked a kind of vibe in me that took me so long to write about. Maybe not so long but several days of thinking and re-thinking my perspectives about everything in this life, which by the way is half the time different.

It was the day of David and Irene’s wedding, one of the happiest couple I have seen in a while;the day of my colleague, Fola’s wedding; five days to Kola and Kemi’s. The fact that everyone seemed(and still seems) to be tying the love knots around me did not just leave me with a combination of joy, excitement and concern, but also got left me with a lot of questions about marriage versus individuality. why are all these people getting married? Why do they all appear so in love with each other? why did some throw big parties and…

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Yaayi 🙌🌹 Meghan marries Prince Charles… Congratulations!!

Just photos from  watching the wedding on CNN live from across the continent… History is made… 😀😘 Femininematerz Happy for the new couple… CONGRATULATIONS!!

You may kiss the bride 😘


Chariot ride to greet the excited crowd
Harry and Meghan stepping out of the chapel after the wedding
The Queen, Prince Charles and other royal house members in front of the chapel
Megan’s mum… Must be a happy day and emotional one for her too.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

What Are You Up to This Weekend?

Are weekends rest times anymore? A lot seemed packed into our weekends these days.

If it is here in my culture, there is always an “Owanbe” party. Usually there is one wedding, 50th – 70th birthday bash or retirement party, house warming…. And so on and so forth to attend.

Today I am supposed to be at a 70th birthday bash unfortunately “the husband” is under the weather. So I am a nurse for this weekend however in between I have to sort out a few other chores including running errands/attending to an office deadline….

My friend Stella made this pepper soup with assorted meat. It’s from Stellamaris kitchen

OK where is the rest time now? So maybe I can grab a pepper soup bowl and relax reading a book 😁😁 that’s assuming I get someone to make that pepper soup… Hahaha 😁😁

OK, do enjoy your weekend… Find time to relax and rest.

How will you serve the world? — OBA- TheKingsoracle.

How can you and I better serve our world? This dear lady found an answer for herself… This gets me thinking… What about you? Life is more beautiful and meaningful when we serve others.

Sometimes Last year, I was having a personal conversation with God, I was at that point where I was asking questions about life, and the fact that there is more to it .what role should I be playing at that particular phase of life that I had found myself? At some point, I began to […]

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