My Daily Observation: 11/15/17

Mind who you hang around, they have a way of influencing you. Connect with people who aim for great things and are not just materialistic. A thought provoking post by Dray of Dream Big. I am inspired by his posts each time I read his blog.

Dream Big, Dream Often


The types of people you allow to have influence in your life is one of the most important decisions you can make.  I’ve heard parents tell their kids “you are who you hang out with” and it is true for adults as well.

Yesterday I sat down with a gentleman who owns an IT business with 2 offices locally.  We spoke about his business for a couple of hours and then wrapped up.  Standing in the lobby of one of the downtown Charlotte high-rises, we began to talk about life in general, the power of words and the power in having a positive mindset.  Our conversation recharged me for the afternoon and filled my emotional and spiritual sails!

The people you allow to have influence over you will steer your life in particular directions.  This is why you must be selective and choose wisely.  If you have people surrounding you…

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Boy or Girl, African Mentality

Simply love this post from the Family Fortress Magazine blog. Girl or boy, it is still a great joy to welcome that child into your home. Celebrate your baby girl a much as you do boys.


What does it really matter, if the sex of your baby is girl. Girls are strong, loving, caring, protective, industrious and great managers. Do you know that from experience, girls take better care of their fathers.
A couple, in a quest to have a male child has raised a family of nine girls. This is African mentality, and many women are having a difficult time in their marriage because they cannot have a male child.
The problem is usually with the in-laws, that is, the family of the man. They often times pressure the man into marrying another woman. In this age and generation, men should ‘wise up’ and take their stand. Love your girls and train them because these girls are your future.
God bless your home.


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Woman to Woman Talk #20 – Over Syllabus Shopping – Ways you can avoid the temptation to buy on Credit

You know women now; we love to look good and cannot take our eyes away from nice attires. There is always the need to upgrade your wardrobe and therefore you try to invest in new clothes and shoes. Of course, as the saying goes, “looking good is real business”, so it is not out of place to want to keep looking good. However, how do you go about acquiring new attires or upgrading your wardrobe?

We were talking about office shopping amongst ladies with my neighbor a few days ago and a rather unpleasant trend came up. The story centered around how when a cloth seller brings her wears around to the office, ladies /women pick from the collection with the intent to pay at the end of the month when salaries get paid. At the end of the month, these debtors disappear as soon as the cloth seller shows up to collect her money (Interestingly most cloth sellers that come to the office are from the female folks). One woman even jumped over the fence of her office to escape paying up what she owed…Imagine that!! How did she do that?! Well maybe it was a low fence… But seriously is it worth getting injured over.

I have also witnessed cases of women/ladies who select clothes worth N60 – N100 thousand Naira, promising the seller, to pay by month end. The humor or downside if you like in this is that some of these my dear female clan earn far below what they now owe the cloth seller. My people call such behavior, “Oju kokoro” (Greedy eyes). For crying out loud, what you cannot afford to pay for, don’t buy!! Why mess up another person’s business by refusing to pay what you owe? Many cloth sellers at offices have lost their investments to such unfaithful and callous customers. Dear woman, put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

And the other part of the issue is the embarrassment that comes with not paying what you owe. Some very determined designer clothes and shoe sellers go the extra length of arresting their debtors. So imagine being accosted and arrested in the full view of colleagues?! Hahaha…it is simply not worth it. This attitude also taints your character in no small way. You may think it is no one’s business or perhaps don’t even care, wait until you need a character attestation letter! If you do not need a letter yet or never, remember what you sow, you will reap!

Seriously, you don’t have to be like those who “dress to kill” so you can be respected. You do not have to be like miss A or B, just go for what you can afford.

So How do you Overcome that Temptation to select clothes you cannot afford the next time the designer wears, bags and shoes show up in your office?
• Do not even bother to check the wears out for that is when you will find one beautiful one that seems to suit you well in the whole wide world. If you do not take a look, you won’t be tempted to buy.
• Do not fall for the sweet mouth of the seller who says , “I don’t stress my customers”, “you can pay in three installments”, “buy it now, these design is no longer in the market” and so on and so forth.
• Exercise some self-control. Decide that you will only select what you need and can afford if you must buy.
• Always write out your monthly budget and memorize it. So as soon as the sight of the attires is drawing you in, take a look at the picture of your list mentally. It helps to say No and wait for when next you can afford it.

Even if you can afford to pay for what you buy, do not spend all the money you make on acquiring clothes, shoes, bags, and kinds of stuff, invest and save some.

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Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Success Tips to Kick Start Your Week #1

Team work at Spitfire Advocacy Training on FP in Ibadan (femininematerz photo)

Work for something because it is good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed. Vaclav Havelock, 1st President of Czech Republic.

Get your team to understand that what they do makes a difference. Richard Templer, Author of The Rules of Management.

Understand that your role and what you do is important; it makes a whole lot of difference in your job/assignment. Give your best shot this week and succeed.

Sometimes you loose your steam and passion for what you do.

Sometimes you wonder if it is all worth the effort and time you put in. And sometimes you just feel like giving up on your job, project or business. DON’T Give Up BECAUSE YOUR EFFORTS REALLY DOES MATTER. YOU ARE GOING TO SUCCEED.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


Keep dreaming never give up. And hey… Don’t close your eyes😀. A beautiful piece by Jacqueline the word Smith. This girl keeps going higher… Please check out her newest book, “Unbridled’ on Amazon.
Never give up on your dreams!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Today, I’ll dream with eyes open, so that I’ll see where life will take me and appreciate the steps.

Today, Dream, Aspirations, Inspiration, Life, Quotes,

Check out my latest book ‘Unbridled.’

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Two girls are excited about attaining womanhood soon they find out the bitter truth about the passage right. This story strikes a bug chord in my heart. It is a reminder that some cultural practices are really harmful to our wellbeing. Cutting the genitalia of girls has no health benefit. It instead leaves a lasting scar that affects a girl’s womanhood, health and reproductive system.

Diary of the Traveler

Editor’s note: Hey people, how are we doing? Quick one, you all know I just completed a series on the cultural practice of Female Genital Mutilation in the name of Female circumcision. An ardent reader of this blog was inspired by that series to come up with this short story. I love it at first glance. It resonated deeply with the message we are trying to pass across. Let us end FGM in Nigeria. #EndFGMng

It’s the best experience any girl could pray for I was told

Mama says the best moment every girl wanted

The birth of the woman in me
Admiring my image in the mirror was all I seem to do daily

As I await my glorious day as mama called it
For weeks myself and Ougene talked about it

Making us the envy of the younglings

She would twist her neck and say “I will soon…

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