Welcome to December 2018

Happy New & Last Month of the Year 2018! 11 whole months gone by!

What has your year been like? I bet you can fill a whole book with your story ☺️

Regardless of the surprises you might have experienced whether pleasant or unpleasant, know that you have made some progress.

Regardless of what the doctor says, you are still alive! Be hopeful, don’t give up on yourself or situation.

Great things can still happen for you this month. It will be the best of the months… Stay positive and believe.

As we prepare he holidays and Christmas, love yourself and spread love. It is much more than the gifts you give just enjoy moments with family and friends.

Best Wishes,
Adebisi Adetunji (C)

The Cleansing Rites – A Short Story Prt 2

My heart pounded fast as I listened to more of mother’s sob. Tears flowed down my check as I wondered whether her resolve not to give in to the rites of having to sleep with her late husband’s brother in order to allow father’s spirit to rest. Would she stand the pressure been mounted on her by his family? It was believed that failure to carry out this rite as was the custom meant that family will be under a curse, which meant more deaths in the family.

Mother had been through a lot. Only the arrival of my brother Obinna gave her relief from the pressures of father’s family. I remembered uncle Ebuka taunted her with the fact that she had no inheritance if she couldn’t bear a son. It was only through father’s support and his refusal to take another wife that gave her hope for the 9years she had to wait after giving birth to me. I finally slept off only to be woken by grandma’s early morning chanting to chi, the family god. I heard her pray that her son’s spirit would find rest in the land beyond. She prayed that chi would drive away evil from her clan. Mother got up at about this time too. Her face was swollen and I knew she hadn’t slept through the night. I greeted her and she answered with a sigh. We both knew it would be another day of sitting down on the mourning mat, receiving sympathizers from all over the village.

Meaning of Word

Cleansing RitesPurification ritual – In the context of this story, a widowhood ritual expected to be performed by a widow in some cultures to wade of certain evil occurrence.

-An excerpt from one of my short stories collection.

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#GratitudeWeek Day 6 – A Cry in the Rain #Memories #Grateful

Photo Credit : Kimchilds. com

If you trekked(long walk) and endured a lot during your NYSC(National Youth Service Corp) days then you must be greatful that you made it through like me😀

I remember the long walks from Roundabout Mokola to Dugbe(some kilometers) many times – no money

I remember walking home in the rain one day as I wept but no one could tell the difference between my tears and that of the rain

I remember that I had so much fun too.
I remember the day of our passing out after the one year service to our father land(Nigeria) . I held the certificate of discharge in my hand and wondered what the future holds for me.

Its been over 17 years now! My journey through the years has delivered to me opportunities I never imagined! Now I drive through those same kilometers and neighborhoods I had to walk through in the rain/high sunny day 🌞🌞⛈️

Tough Times Don’t Last… That painful and dark season will soon pass giving way to light and better days. DON’T GIVE IN.

So I am here today saying thank you Lord, Baba e seee! Glory to God!


Adebisi Adetunji (C)

#GratitudeWeek Day 5 – Putting On My Dancing Shoes! 👠👠🎶

It is easy to focus on what isn’t working in our lives so much that we forget yesterday’s mercies.

So here I am celebrating today as a gift
I am celebrating the peaceful night rest I had last night and this feeling of freshness.
I celebrate His love for me;
I celebrate His faithfulness ;
I celebrate the fact that He fights my battle for me;
I celebrate the fact that he saved I and my family from accidents & moments of destruction!
I celebrate today and the great future to come.

Yeeees my tomorrow is alright!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

#GratitudeWeek Day 3 : What Are you Grateful For?

Family Thanksgiving

I am grateful for the gift of family and friends.

I am grateful for every piece/post I get to finish and share ; sometimes it can be hard keeping up but I do it anyway.

I am grateful for the blogging community

I am grateful for every article that made a difference in someone’s life.

I am grateful for daily blessings of been able to get out of bed; clean and dress up; move my limbs; and cook.

I am grateful for the breath of fresh air

I am grateful for down times and times of been a little bit under the weather… He raises me up again.

Life is not beautiful because there are no challenges. It is beautiful because we can overcome & rise when we fall.

The one who is in my boat helps me through the storm… Jesus

So Grateful!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

#GratitudeWeek Activated – Day 2 WRONG TURNS

One time I made a mistake in boarding a wrong bus headed for a destination far from where I intended to go. It turned out to be a long journey back to the hotel I was lodged plus the I had to be in the freezing weather for one hour before getting another bus that was going my way.

LESSON: Be CAREFUL of the choices you make in life; don’t ignore the warning signs in your heart.

GRATEFUL for the lesson I learned with this experience. Even in my mistake or taking a wrong turn, God protected me and didn’t allow me fall into the hands of people that could take an advantage of me. Eventually He got me safely to my destination. EVEN When we take wrong turns He is there guiding us. #Godlovesyou

Adebisi Adetunji (C)