Dear Diary…A Hostel Riot… TBEE Writes #8


I didn’t sleep well last night. It had a nightmare…I couldn’t get the face of that injured girl walking down the hall looking bedeviled and shocked out of my head. There was so much chaos as angry girls from my hostel shoved the other girl around. Some were hitting her while the security and potters tried to protect her. This was the scene I met after taking a walk with DT, my boyfriend.

The incidence that led to the mob of angry girls going on a rampage at the hostel was a case of, “two fighting”. Nothing we haven’t heard or seen before in this girl’s hostel. They were both roommates, who argued over whose turn it is to clean the room; who used the other person’s bucket filled with water. On our campus wisdom demands that one fetches water in a few bucket and containers for keeps as water supply can just be cut off anytime. So using another person’s water without permission was usually a cause big fight between roommates in our hostel.

So these two girls I’m told are jealous of each other. They had something they were beefing, each other about and it had been going on for a while so I am told.
But what could they possibly be beefing each other that one person ended up burning the other’s arm with a hot Iron deliberately o! The perpetrator actually aimed for her roommates face only that one blocked it with her arms in reflex action. Like I was there when it happened…well that was the gist I heard. It was the victim’s screams that got girls out of their rooms. When they saw the wounded girl and marks of electric Iron on her skin they were enraged!

Harsh words flew all over the place like missiles, “You are a witch”! “Mean bit…”, “wickedness of the highest order” and so on and so forth. We were tending towards a riot. I held my hands to my chest in great fear worried about how this might turn out. It took a while before things calmed down. Meanwhile, both girls were escorted out of the hostel; one was taken to the school clinic and the other to the security post. Wonders shall never end what in the world could have made someone burn the skin of a fellow human being with hot Iron?!!!

I didn’t sleep for a long time after I got to back to my room and when I did it was a troubled sleep. This morning my alarm went off waking me up rudely…I stretched my hand without opening my still sleepy eyes and slammed the button. It seemed like the alarm clock was determined to stampede me out of bed as it kept ringing. My patience ran out and I didn’t know when I pushed it over the table…a big crash… alas it was shattered. “Oh…my faithful alarm”, now I have to get another one.  I was wide awake. On top up of my hurried morning and other chores, I have to clean up my mess. Ouch! I stepped on a piece of glass from my broken alarm. And that was how my day started on a grumpy note.

Lectures went well but too many assignments to submit tomorrow. (Yawns) This sleep will have to wait awhile…Two assignments to be submitted tomorrow. (Phone rings) DT darling calling…oh this my bobo…I don’t have time for long gists tonight…but I need something pleasant…to possibly wipe off yesterday’s horror at the hostel. I must tell DT what happened…hehehe see who doesn’t want a long gist…Goodnight dear diary.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)