The Last Lap of the Race…December 2017 is here!! 🌋 #Encouragement

👟👟👟👟👟👟👟 If you have ever been part of a long distance or miles race then you know that feeling when you look ahead and see the finishing line. Definitely your muscles will be aching and you are probably breathing through your mouth taking in as much air as you can. What keeps you going is that hope of finishing your race soon.

At the beginning of a race when the whistle goes off, all runners take off at once each still full of energy and the determination to win the race. Soon some will drop off the race for many reasons ranging from not been fit to endure the pain or simply just giving up.

Hope you haven’t given up on yourself and goals yet? Remember this journey of the year 2017 is your own race. There is no need to compare your successes or achievements with that of others.

Time to count your blessings as some other persons unfortunately didn’t make it this far but you made it. Be grateful and list your blessings, achievements and successes. Every little thing counts, celebrate your small and big successes.

I have so much I am grateful for that listing them will take the whole day but here is a few:

  • For the times when I failed and learned a few lessons.
  • For close doors though painful but led to new and beautiful opportunities. 
  •  For strength to go on even when I am weak. 
  • My children’s school promotion and ability to learn and apply knowledge.
  • My husband’s new milestone of owing his own school and building his business. 
  •  Gift of friends and family
  •  Gift of work
  • Gift of life and health
  • The gift of blogging 😀
  • And so much more

So here is the thing... You made it this far, have faith; have hope. All will end well in spite of the unpleasant experiences.

Happy New month!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C) BusyBee Media for Social Change & Development. @DebisiBusybee

Forgetting to be Grateful, Forgetting to be Happy now – How You can be happy with your Life.

Today is Yesterday’s Answered prayer.

Many times we are focused on things we desire to have and haven’t been able to get/acquire.
Many times we focus on our dreams and goals and forget to be happy with the little/big successes we have had.

I find myself complaining about my workplace and desire to have something better. And so instead of being grateful I whine and whine and lose my joy. I forgot that yesterday I prayed to have this job and I got it. Today is yesterday’s answered prayer.

Sometimes we compare ourselves to what others have and forget that some other people wish to have what you have. Be happy with what you have and where you are as you hope and Trust God to give you a better tomorrow.

So you are single and feeling lonely? Worse still all your friends and nieces you took care of while growing up have gotten married. You are even helping to nurse their babies and sometimes tears drop and you wish you had yours; look around you there is so much to your life that you can be grateful for.

Your child is physically challenged and you struggle daily to take care of him/her. You wish yours was a “normal” child who can fend for himself. God knows about your struggles and He has been standing right there helping you by bringing people and resources to help that child. Be grateful, be happy and celebrate what you have for then you will see hope rising. There is always a higher and better purpose.

So your marriage is turbulent and possibly didn’t work out. Painful I know but be grateful; be happy for everything works out for good to them that believe even if it was your fault. Be happy, be grateful for a better tomorrow will happen for you.

How can I say it? I simply am grateful and choose to be joyful and I want you too, reading this to be.

Your happiness is not in getting that new dream job
Your happiness and joy are not in that relationship you so much crave.

Your happiness is not tomorrow
It is today, be Happy now.

Enjoy your everyday life (Joyce Meyer)

If you can’t enjoy your today; you might still not be happy tomorrow when your desires come true. It is about seeing today’s blessings even if they are small. Choose to celebrate today and all your blessings.

Change is coming and there will never be an end to what you want to achieve.

Today is Yesterday’s answered prayer.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

GRATEFUL …A Little Bit More about Me as i Celebrate Another Year

Birtday groove 5Birtday groove 8

Music & artist I love:
* Ko ma si o & Dansaki by Lara George
* One Step at a time by Jordan Spark
* You Raise me up to stand on Mountains by Duo Secret Garden: Brendan Graham & Rolf Lovland
* God is Able to do just what He said he will do by Deitrick Haddon

My kind of movies
• Romance and a good love story
• Action with a good story plot
• Horror movies are my no…no…no…just don’t like the feeling it leaves.

Books I read
• The Bible
• Leadership and management
• Motivational and inspirational writings
• John Grisham’s collection
• Novels with great stories
• Novels with stories from the old English settings

I love my family


My quote for this new year
God Never Takes YOUR DREAM AWAY HE just makes it BETTER and BIGGER when you give it to HIM

I am blessed you are in my life…yes you reading right now!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Life is Beautiful with you in it

It is the birthday season in my family. Here comes the MAY celebrant. We are Grateful for this precious Gift.

King David


Small but mighty: Officially a teenager now at 13
Want to see some action on a party floor, My son is the one doing some dance steps
Boisterous and full of life, bold and not ashamed to express himself


I get a lot of hugs with his arms wrapped around saying mum, i love you; you are a good mummy
The drummer Boy in the family

When i remember your journey into planet earth i can only thank God. Our family is truly blessed to have you be a part of our lives.


May you grow to fulfill destiny and purpose
May you be a voice to reckon with in your generation
May you make the world a better place
May lives be blessed through you
May your life be rich and truly blessed

Happy birthday Son
Love: Dad, Mum & Ololade

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Memories from the hospital…Grateful

Looking down the car park from the third floor of the hospital while trying to catch my breath and rest my throbbing feet. I had been climbing the stairs going about trying to get all the doctors needed for grandpa.I saw a man walking slowly taking a painful step at a time with a walking aid then i remember that this hospital holds great memories for me

In here i celebrated the birth of my two kids…laughter filled our home.


In here i wept and mourned the passing away of a loved one
In here i had visited friends and loved ones recovering from various ailment…thank God all came out healthy.
In here i have worked with my maternal and child health team (Abiye) to help raise funds to help vulnerable mothers, babies and children. VULNERABLE YOUNG MOTHER

A hospital helps to resolve sicknesses that saps away the strength needed to carry on our daily routine.

There are two sides to a hospital:

At a hospital we herald the birth and cries of a new born.
At a hospital we mourn the deaths. While watching people lying on hospital beds in a ward i saw a family weeping over the loose of a family that had just passed on.
A hospital is a mix bag of memories.


So i am grateful that i am alive
I am grateful for the gift of family, friends and all the people God has put in my life.

my brother, friends and I at an award ceremony
My sister, me and cousin

I am grateful for the memories that we all make together
I am grateful for the past, present, future and the possibilities of a great life.
God has been good to me.

Adebisi Adetunji