Worried? How to deal with it.


Worry About Nothing, Pray About everything and experience peace like a River.

a quote inspired by Philippians 4:6&7 and Tuesday Trickles

Sometimes life just dumps a lot of things to worry about on your table…haa…haa is it really life that is the culprit or you and I?

I don’t know about you sometimes it is just so overwhelming. In Nigeria for one added to our bag of worries is the fuel scarcity. We are practically worrying about how to get to work everyday; how we might not have electricity because there is no petrol to fuel the generator since PHCN, IBEDC or whatever name it is called in various parts of the country is not supplying power to our homes. In fact they only remember to switch it on for 5minutes after a whole week of no electricity! Really frustrating…

Another thing that is on our plate of worry generally is the dwindling economy. Civil servants are really having a hard time…especially those working with state governments. How can someone not be paid salary for 5, 6, 7months?! That is worry multiplied 100%. It is bad enough that you get your salary and you are having a headache trying to sort out which bill to attend to first out of all the mountain of bills….

Some people are neck deep in debt trying to pay bills and meet all the necessary obligations. Before you say it is a lack of financial education…check this out: Your aging parents monthly allowance, school fees, house rent, car needs fixing, a family member delivers a baby and you need to shower mother and child with a gift or little token, a family member is sick and you are all asked to contribute towards paying the hospital bill; a great aunt or one of your parent dies and you have to almost empty your account to give a befitting burial! Hee…hee African style…

What are my worries:
I worry about giving my kids a better future than my own little beginning
I worry about not been able to take care of my parents more than i am doing now
I worry about getting a better paid job
I worry about not been able to give to my parent in-law’s up keep much more than i am doing
I worry about going to the grocery shop and just been able to buy a few things….
I bet you can connect with me on some of my list…

Facts about Worry:

Worry is limited
Worry is harmful
Worry does not solve the problem
Worry does not change the situation
Worry is not the answer
But humans never stop worrying!!!

How to handle worry:

  • Take deep breaths when your heart is over flowing with worry.
  •  Write down a list of what you are worried about
  • Sort out your list and see what is most important…seriously they would all look like do it now or never! However looking closely you’ll see that some things can be pushed forward.
  • You might need to cut your cloth according to your cloth. Try to live within your means no matter the family obligation. Pastor Sam Adeyemi once said…YOU ARE NOT EL-SHADDAI, YOU CAN NOT SOLVE EVERYBODY’S PROBLEM.
  • If you are a civil servant been owed months of salary think outside the box. Try to think of what you can do. Remember that Tough times don’t last but tough people do. Tough times helps us discover great things about ourselves. Tough times have helped to bring to birth great inventions and ideas.
  • Share your worry with a friend or loved one, don’t keep struggling on your own
  • Take one day at a time, things will not always remain the same.

This too shall pass!
Pray about it…yes…i do that all of the time and it works.

Photo Credit: Hindrances Aside

Love and a Warm hug from me

Adebisi Adetunji (C)