Great Posts to Inspire You from my Neighbors & Friends

I made a promise to visit pages of friends in the blogosphere and share my few take away posts with others. Here is a short list, I hope you find something to inspire you, I did. So dig in and click on the links. Have an inspiring week!

We all need that encouragement sometimes. So if you are feeling down here is one post that will lift your spirit – Sunday Giggles

Challenges everywhere, you are not alone, Margret says in this post Same for you

7 months into the Year be optimistic, start crossing off some things from your list and keep working. I enjoyed reading this post by Tikeetha – Welcome to July

Taking life as it comes. Check out Roos on her ranch taking it slow but still Working.

Imagine the stories that could come out of your time of thinking…a good musing here. How much do you appreciate the freedom you have? Visit Born providence – End- Title

Silence is not golden sometimes. When something is wrong speak up. Find out how Fola and some parents spoke up for their children when things went wrong. A House Divided

Are you a very busy person, sometimes you need to really slow down. A personal great lesson from Watching the daisies – Importance of taking it Slow.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

The In-between of Our Lives

While surfing through and visiting blogs to read new posts I came by this interesting post by Folakemi – “Children as retirement Plan”.

Fola shares the story of an 85 year old woman whose children seem to have abandoned. She has 5 children who can not be found except for 2 sons who still won’t take her in. Thankfully the state government took her in. The gist is that this woman now 85years old is troublesome and so couldn’t live with anyone. She has had 5 husband’s none of whom are available or willing to take care of her.

This woman’s story got me thinking. Our attitude, character and choices will have an impact on our lives even at old age. I am not judging this old woman… I mean every one of us have a fair share of lives upside and downside.

I read the story of an old man who died leaving not so much in terms of silver and gold for his children but left a lot of integrity, honesty and kindness behind. His daughter was particularly mad with him for not been like other fathers who left great riches. She ended up landing an inclusive big package job with a company owned by someone whom her father had shown great kindness to when he was looking for a job. She is earning a 7 figure salary now.

The In-betweens of Our lives matter. What we do now will affect our tomorrow.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Thoughts & Life #14

People who set traps for others get caught themselves. People who start landslides get crushed. Proverbs 26:27 (GN)


What you sow, you reap goes a familiar saying. In my local language they say when you point accusing fingers at another person, remember the other remaining four fingers are pointing right back at you.

Why do we sometimes set traps for others to fall in so that we can get ahead? In my mind’s eye, such a person will end up falling into a “bigger trap”.

Learn to lift others up, because you will have many hands lifting you up back in return
Learn to celebrate others and rejoice with them as they make progress, it will be your turn soon too.
Learn to patiently wait for your time; it will be your turn to be celebrated soon.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Thoughts and Life #8 – Life is a Cycle

Kids playing
Grandma laughing delightfully
Grandpa smiling and joins the fun

The old white brow remembers when the house was boisterous
Children have left and the nest is empty.
The wrinkled hands remembers so much more
The shaky hands are happy to hug the little ones
They are the fruits from those who left the nest earlier

Life is much simpler now
Things that use to matter no longer do
Life becomes all about little things that bring joy

Once young but now old
Life is now full of memories
Enjoy everyday of your life because you are going to come full cycle.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Lessons: Embarrassing Moment i can never forget

MEEEE 2Writing about one of my most embarrassing moment is not even funny but i just thought it might help to share a few lessons i learned from it and get to laugh at myself somehow.

A couple of years back i had in my file a collection of radio dramas i had written and produced. I was so “proud” of my little accomplishment and wanted to take it to another level. I did not want to rest on my laurel so i thought of meeting a few people who could help me probably develop movie scripts that i could later get paid for. A friend heard me talk about this my little dream and decided to link me to a star in the Nigerian Nollywood movie industry who happened to be working with a popular TV station in Lagos. I was excited.

On the morning of my meeting, i got dressed and headed for the TV station,dreaming about the great opportunity that laid ahead of me. However i blew the opportunity when i think back at it now.

Finally i was introduced to this movie star...i recognized him the moment i saw him because i had seen him in a number of movies…but i hadn’t paid attention to knowing his name. It was a familiar name that i had heard but you know how sometimes you don’t connect a face to a name you know. Anyway He welcomed me warmly and there was this other movie star.

We got talking and i embarrassed myself in a way that still makes me feel terrible. I can’t remember the details but i think i remember asking for the name i was given by my contact when i walked into his office. The other movie star tricked me by saying that he was the one i was looking for and i so believed him. Soon i discovered something was wrong because he was looking at me like i was really “stupid”. When i finally put the puzzle together it felt like the ground should cave in and swallow me.

How could i not have known…i kicked myself mentally over and over again while talking with the “original” movie star i was there to meet. He was polite and did flip through my work but with dis-interest in my own opinion. I guess not knowing who he was pissed him off. But what i did appreciate him for was that he encouraged me to keep writing.

Guess who this movie actor was:
PATRICK DOYLE (Nigerian Movie actor…imagine o!) Do you know that he shares the same name with another Patrick Doyle who happens to be a Scottish film composer.

Today i know better; i write better… and have written & produced over 200 Radio plays (blowing my own trumpet i guess) still working on doing my first movie script!!!

Lessons Learned:
*Know a little about everything
*Pay attention to movie stars and musical artists names
*Know a little about football even if you are not a football fan
*Listen to the news headlines  for the day even if you are not in the  bit of listening to politics.

Pay attention…pay attention…pay attention to learning more…you never know when you might need it.

Inspired by WordPress Daily Prompt

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Be Nice to People

Man: Good day Madam OFFICE TINZ
Secretary: (CURT TONE) Good day, what do you want?!
Man: ( STARTLED) Em…I have an appointment with the MD.
Secretary: (IRRITATED) Please come back tomorrow, MD is having a serious board meeting today.
Man: Tomorrow again?! Ok what time should i come in tomorrow?
Secretary: Anytime you like…now if you’d excuse me i have to finishing typing this letter!

Man leaves disappointed and embarrassed

Secretary: (MUTTERING ) God just move me on…i mean let my Mr Right come and take me away from this….this…
Angel: (WHISPERS IN HER EARS) Dear girl your Mr right just left!

Hope you got the joke…Be nice to people.

Now i want to be nice to  a dear sister Jacqueline…check out her new book Out of the Silent Breath. She is a great blogger and writer. Have a great day.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

A 70year Old Diary & Memories from My Childhood

I look at myself and i see that i am a chip of the old block in fact we all are (My siblings). As soon as you meet him you’ll just know that our genes are connected.

Dad at 50years
Family Photo- Dad with us and our own families

He taught me some lessons of life:
He taught me honesty:

I remember long time ago as a young child when i stole what was then known as “Kobo…kobo” with an intention to buy sweets, biscuits and chewing gum. I did succeed at this but my old man taught me a lesson i never did forget.
He taught me hard work:
I watched him work tirelessly at home and at work. I remember that that many of his co-workers admired him and he was valuable to his company.

He taught me forgiveness:
Someone did something that hurt me badly and all i wanted to do was to hold unto it for ever. But my old man taught me that it was better to make friends than enemies.

He taught me love:
I saw this in the way he cared for others and even our dogs were showered with love. I remember we would get scolded if our dogs had not been fed as they should be. I use to hate that the dogs got a lot of attention but now i recognize it as love.

He taught me discipline:
Hmmmn…one episode comes to mind. You know kids can be quite mischievous. So i got into something that was not really my business when i should be home after an evening lesson we attended back then. Back then when schools closed at 1-2pm and you get to observe siester and attend evening extra coaching. Well we lived in a face-me-i-face you (community leaving). Many families lived in such accommodations and shared the bathroom, kitchen, tap water or a well. It was easy to get mixed up as a child with the wrong crowd. That evening i meddled into a fight instead of going home and my dad went all the way to the coaching centre thinking that something had happened to me. You don’t want to know what happened when he found out that i was with some other kids at the time i should be home. But i did learned how to obey rules my family had set and began to understand what bad company could do to my future.

Grandpa’s Diary entry announcing dad’s birth in 1945

He taught me that school was important especially as a girl:
He would check our school performance at the end of every term and reward us for a job well done. And if you need to work harder at a subject or hadn’t performed as well as is expected, you get a lot of what i call “sermon” on how much your school fees cost. Plus of course a lecture on how you must become a doctor, Lawyer, accountant and so on in the future. Well now i am teaching my kids the same lesson. I am talking about none other than my dad.
Today, 7th August 2015 he turns 70years old. My grandpa entered his birth in his diary the morning he was born in 1945. I got the privilege of seeing that diary today. I am told that it was difficult to get writing materials in those days. It was a luxury and perharps my grandpa was one of the few privileged because he was a King.
I celebrate my old man, my dad and my legacy today. And just maybe i got this passion for writing from my ancestors.
I bless God for sparing his life and giving us the opportunity to celebrate.
Help me celebrate my dad!