#MondayMotivation Old School Versus the new – Leverage on the 21st Century Technology

Its been a while. Certainly miss you all. I hope to get back to sharing new posts now that I am on work break!

Earlier this year I decided to record short videos sharing motivational pieces and to also inspire my friends and followers to keep adding value to themselves. I didn’t have all the technological know how but hey using my Android phone to record was a good enough place to start. And I decided not to wait until things are perfect and just kick started it. My videos are better and I am helping loads of people out there from the feedbacks I’m getting. That’s good enough for me as I keep developing my craft and making it better.

Don’t wait to get things perfected before you start doing something about your goals, ideas and dreams. Just start and grow through the process.

Take a quick listen to my Monday  chat. This will take less than 3minutes. What are you doing with your social media platforms? Scale up your visibility. Don’t be shy to show case what you do. #NuggetsforAProductiveWeek

#MondayMotivation Take that step this week, you have got so much skills & talent, show case it! Wishing you a great new week!

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